Putrajaya: Monorail RFP opens in three months


THE Federal Territories Ministry (KWP) will be issuing a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the Putrajaya Monorail project in three more months at the latest to enable the project to be continued with the co-operation of the private sector.

Its Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa (picture) said several companies had expressed their desire to develop the project and some had made presentations to the KWP secretary general Datuk Rosida Jaafar.

‘’The actual cost has yet to be established because among the deciding factors involved the development concept of the monorail and locomotive technology,’’ he told a media conference at KWP, here, today.

“Some suggested the tram concept. There was also a suggestion that a system that does not produce a loud sound be adopted, namely, monorail which uses rubber tyres.

‘’There are numerous proposals and these will decide the cost. We make it flexible, let the private sector come up with their own proposals. We will make our evaluation accordingly,” he said.

In April, Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) confirmed that the Putrajaya monorail project would be continued after being postponed since 2004.

According to media reports, there were two lines in the original plan, a 12 kilometre (km) line with 17 stations and a six km line with six stations.

Annuar said the alignment of the monorail had been decided based on the basic infrastructure such as tunnel and bridge which had been constructed before the project was put off in mid-2004.

Asked whether the alignment stipulated also encompassed the area around Putrajaya such as Cyberjaya, Bangi and Kajang, Annuar said the monorail project only involved the area under PPj.

The Minister of Transport would be responsible to conduct follow up actions to connect Putrajaya with Bangi, Kajang, Cyberjaya and so on, he said.