2,070 officers to enjoy six-month extension of contract – Dr Adham


THE Health Ministry has received approval to extend the contract of 2,070 medical, dental and pharmacy officers on a one-off basis for another six months.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba in a statement today said the allocation of RM81 million for the extension came through the COVID-19 Fund.

“The ministry has received a notice that the Finance Ministry had on Sept 18, agreed to approve the one-off contract extension for six months for the respective officers. The approval is in addition to the existing six- month contract already given.

“The approval involves 79 medical officers (who have completed compulsory service only because they had undergone internship abroad), 852 dental officers and 1,139 pharmacy officers who have completed their compulsory training/service,” he said.

He added that the contract extension was a manifestation of the government’s concern which enabled the officers to continue providing their services at the MOH health facilities.