MPOB develops transport monitoring system to prevent misconduct


THE Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) has developed a monitoring system to track palm oil transport vehicles to prevent misconduct.

DG Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir (picture) said MPOB offices nationwide constantly monitor and carry out regular inspections to ensure compliance with palm oil industry regulations.

“MPOB always cooperates with enforcement agencies and departments including the Royal Malaysia Police and the Department of Environment to curb misconduct activities in the palm oil industry that could threaten its wellbeing,” Ahmad Parveez said in a statement yesterday.

He urged industry players and the public who have information on wrongdoings in the palm oil industry to inform MPOB for further investigation and action.

Ahmad Parveez was responding to previous media reports that highlighted allegations by certain parties against enforcement actions taken by the MPOB as the agency is responsible to regulate the palm oil industry.

“Rule enforcement actions by the MPOB are carried out transparently and fairly whereby information and complaints received from the public on violations of regulations under legal provisions of MPOB will be scrutinised and investigated according to the MPOB Act 1998 (Act 582) and standard operating procedures,” he said.

Ahmad Parveez said MPOB takes enforcement actions per the law to parties involved including by issuing a reminder letter, compound, or initiating prosecution against those involved in misconduct activities in the palm oil industry.

For unlicensed activities offences under the MPOB (Licensing) Regulations 2005 or offences under the MPOB (Quality) Regulations 2005, he said these offences cannot be compounded.

He further said a complete investigation paper with enough evidence will be referred to the deputy public prosecutor.

He added that there are no exceptions in taking legal action, while any appeal not to proceed with the investigation and stop all enforcement actions, as well as the return of all items in the case including seized oil palm products will not be considered.

“The implementation of these enforcement actions applies to all involved in the palm oil industry including MPOB licensees.

“In regulating the palm oil industry, the MPOB should not be seen as practising selective enforcement,” he said.

He also said the MPOB implements regulatory activities and law enforcement to ensure orderly and sustainable growth of the palm oil industry.