MCMC empowers 1,064 Community Internet Centres nationwide


The Communications and Multimedia Ministry (MCMC) is empowering 1,064 community internet centres (PIK) nationwide to become digital transformation centres for local communities, the younger generation in particular.

The MCMC in a statement today said besides providing basic training on information technology and communications (ICT) for various groups, the centres would now also provide more advanced training sessions.

Among them are programming, robotic applications, mobile application innovation, e-commerce entrepreneurship, animation, video production, 3D printing and other forms of training which could benefit the youngsters to upskill and innovate.

“We hope the facilities and programmes provided will assist youths to equip themselves with advanced digital knowledge to compete in building the future,” it said.

According to the MCMC, its survey on broadband usage in 2018 found that 67.8 per cent or 19.5 million out of 28.7 million internet users in the country were youths.

From that total, 80.9 per cent of 16.6 million youths were involved in e-commerce activities, while 78.4 per cent were using the internet between one and 12 hours every day, it said.

“The survey also showed that youths used the internet as the main platform to look for jobs and entertainment, playing online games, communications and searching for information.

Meanwhile, the MCMC said telecommunication providers in this country welcomed the suggestion by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Sept 17 to provide youths with adequate knowledge and vast opportunities to spark innovation and new ideas in the digital economy era.

It added that the subscription packages provided by those companies – Celcom, Maxis, Digi, U Mobile and Telekom Malaysia – took into account their need for affordable and continuous broadband access.