Latest guidelines for Malaysians to exit, enter country – Immigration dept


The Malaysian Immigration Department has outlined the latest guidelines for Malaysians who wish to exit and enter the country until the end of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

The department in a statement today, said the exit/ entry procedure is divided into categories, namely one that requires approval from the department to leave the country and one that does not and those who are not allowed to leave the country, as well as the procedure to re-enter Malaysia.

“Those who do not need prior approval from the Immigration Department to leave the country are diplomats and their dependants who need to leave to carry out their duties; students who are continuing their studies and those who have just received study offers; students taking exams; and Long Term Pass holders of other countries (Permanent Residents/ Resident Pass/ Employment Pass and others).

“For those who require approval from the department are Malaysian citizens who entered Malaysia during the MCO period; those who have just got job offers; to attend meetings/ seminars/ exhibitions/ on business matters; for emergency affairs and those accompanying their children who are studying,” according to the statement.

Those who want to leave the country for holidays and social visits to family members overseas are not allowed to do so.

Apart from that, Malaysians who have left the country during the MCO period are allowed to enter the country without seeking prior approval from the Immigration Department.

“However, they are not allowed to leave the country again without getting permission from the department despite having a Long Term Overseas Pass,” he said.

Malaysians coming from countries which have been imposed with the entry ban or long term pass holders from these countries are allowed to enter, even though they have exited the country during the MCO period.