Pos Malaysia expects to hit two million parcels monthly, on digital platform SendParcel

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

POS Malaysia is upbeat on the possibility of Pos Laju SendParcel hitting two million parcels monthly by 2021.

Pos Malaysia group chief executive officer Syed Md Najib Syed Md Noor said Pos Laju SendParcel was launched over a year ago to support the changing trend in customer behaviour, from physically going to retail stores to buying goods online.

“Our courier business is a key segment that generates sustainable revenue for Pos Malaysia but the problem then was, we were still conducting business the conventional way by requiring customers to walk into our Pos Laju outlets, while other businesses were online and required quick turnaround due to the high demand from customers,” he said.

The number of registered users increased to over 86,000 within a year, and from October 2019 to July 2020, Pos Laju SendParcel shipped more than 3.3 million parcels in total and generated RM21.7 million in revenue. Pos Malaysia aims to achieve a revenue of RM30 million by the end of this year.

The establishment of the online shipping platform was indeed timely as without it Pos Malaysia would not have survived the Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was a substantial increase in online purchases during that time and Pos Laju SendParcel provided the right platform to deliver customer purchases right to their home addresses.

Syed Md Najib added that Pos Malaysia went full steam ahead into its digitalisation and transformation plans to unlock value for its customers, tapping into the booming e-commerce market while meeting evolving customer demands.

Embracing digital innovation is also the only way to improve service efficiency and enhance customer experience.

“The rapid adoption of technology has brought about new challenges to our business and Pos Malaysia knew that it must adapt to digitalisation to remain relevant in the industry and fulfill the changing behaviour of our customers,” he added.

Concurrently, Pos Malaysia saw the arrival of global players with huge funding and technological capabilities.

Therefore, it was a race against time for Pos Malaysia’s team to face the challenge at hand to bring forward a solid digital proposition into the market.

“We knew that we needed to act fast to avoid being irrelevant in the industry. The pressure was high, but we were confident that the team would be able to create a digital platform that could compete and excel in the market,” he said.

Pos Laju SendParcel was released to the public in August 2019, providing the desired customer convenience, particularly for small and medium enterprises (SME).

Apart from 24-hour access and fast order placements, customers are offered best parcel rates, instant pricing quotes, free pick-up service, and auto-generated consignment note including ease of shipment reporting and tracking.

In January 2020, Pos Malaysia expanded the service by offering international deliveries to more than 200 countries worldwide, connecting local SMEs and e-commerce businesses with overseas markets.

“By enhancing our reach internationally through Pos Laju SendParcel, Malaysian businesses can connect with international clients and expand their footprint across the globe, while enjoying affordable rates. We remain committed to providing convenience and opening new frontiers and opportunities for customers,” Syed Md Najib said.

On PosLaju SendParcel offerings, he said that Pos Malaysia aims to improve its services even further via constant feedback from users to ensure that Pos Malaysia continues to provide the best customer experience.

To complement the Pos Laju SendParcel service, Pos Malaysia also introduced automation and other digital enhancements to ensure safe and timely deliveries.

Pos Malaysia has 28 distribution centres fitted with semi-automated sorting systems which reduce manual workload and streamline workflow for total efficiency.

Pos Malaysia will install an additional four distribution centres with the semi-automated sorting system by the end of this year.

Pos Malaysia has seen immediate benefits to its processing capacity and speed where it is now able to process 60 per cent more items, bringing down the total processing time by one to two hours per day, enabling the company to be on track in its aim to process one million parcels daily by the end of 2021.

“We will continue our investment to exceed customer expectations through a robust and scalable digital platform,” he added.