Movement Dynamics debut pays off amid pandemic

The team trains about 5 or 6 clients each in a day, and the current age range we have is from 23 years old to 63 years old, says Kevin


THE reopening of sports and health centres has driven a surge in demand for personal trainers as more Malaysians are becoming more health conscious after months of staying indoors.

Movement Dynamics founder Kevin Khandoor (picture) said since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented last March, the brand has seen a significant growth and its number of clients increasing. The brand was only launched in January.

“The team trains about five or six clients each in a day, and the current age range we have is from 23 years old to 63 years old.

“We want to achieve a number of clients by year-end, but also work with trainers across Kuala Lumpur to exchange ideas and help educate them to become better,” he told The Malaysian Reserve in a recent interview.

“We work mostly with clients in their gyms where they live, so there are dumb-bell sets and equipment ready for use. We also conduct online classes, so we video-call them and train them that way; it is better so we can see what clients are doing and help them adjust the form or posture and answer questions immediately if they have any.

“What I realised was, if I go in, and try and change everything about a person in one go, it will never work, simply because people form habits and those are the hardest to break,” he added.

In terms of pricing, Kevin said the programmes created allow clients to pay as they go, because some cannot afford to pay all at once.

The packages are four sessions at the price of RM130 per session, ten sessions at RM120 per session and 20 sessions for RM100 each.

“We give our clients a time frame for each package, so this pushes them to complete the training and thus, helping them create long-term habits,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kevin said for the first time this year, the team will be conducting a group workout together where proceeds from the activity will be donated to a non-profit organisation (NGO).

“We want to bring our team and clients, and invite the public to come over and participate in our workout on Sept 5, 2020, at The Bee, Publika. We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to an NGO of our choice, Voice For Paws,” he said.