In Mexico, free ‘Covid-19 survivor’ tattoos

MONTERREY • A Mexican tattooist is offering free “Covid-19 survivor” tattoos to people who have beaten the coronavirus as an indelible reminder of the pandemic that has swept through the country.

“In a few years, they can tell their grandchildren and their children ‘look, I remember when back in 2020 I got Covid…a super deadly disease and I was a survivor, here’s my tattoo’, “ Omi Debua told AFP.

Oscar Morales went to get his first tattoo after seeing the offer by the artist in the northern city of Monterrey on social media.

The 20-year-old tested positive for the virus and was asymptomatic, but worries that he was the one who infected his father, sister and grandfather, who was hospitalised.

“I work a lot in the street. Maybe I infected them. Unfortunately many people don’t survive. Thank God, all my family and I are fine,” he said.

Mexico has registered more than 64,000 deaths from Covid-19 — one of the world’s highest tolls.

Morales admitted that he underestimated the risks at first and did not take precautions even though his work involved going from one factory to another in the industrial hub. — AFP