China’s ground zero for Covid-19 epidemic reopens all schools

Wuhan opened schools and kindergartens for the 1st time in 7 months following the reopening of high schools in May

BEIJING • Students in face masks returned to class yesterday in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged last year, as the city opened schools and kindergartens for the first time in seven months.

Nearly 1.4 million students resumed classes at some 2,800 kindergartens, primary and middle schools across the city, following the reopening of high schools in May.

State media broadcast images of thousands of students hoisting the Chinese flag — a daily routine at all public schools — despite warnings to avoid mass gatherings.

Schools have drawn up plans to switch back to online teaching should new outbreaks emerge, city officials said last week.

Students were advised to wear masks to and from school and avoid public buses or trains if possible.

Schools were also ordered to conduct drills and training sessions to help prepare for new outbreaks. Official figures show Wuhan accounted for 80% of China’s more than 4,600 Covid-19-related deaths and was under a strict lockdown for more than two months from late January.

The city also conducted a mass testing campaign targeting 11 million residents in May.

China has now largely controlled the spread of the virus, and schools across the country — which were closed in late January — have gradually reopened.

Shanghai reopened schools in May, and the capital city Beijing, which recently suffered from a

local outbreak of the virus, said it will resume all schools including kindergartens this month.

Beijing authorities require teachers and students to wear face masks on campus.

China has not reported any new local transmissions of the corona- virus in recent days. — AFP