Kampung Baru transformation project revised yet again


THE Kampung Baru transformation project, which has undergone several modifications in the past few years, is being revised again which would see the Malay enclave divided into smaller grids before being prepped for further developments.

The new decision would overturn the previous administration’s plan to buy out the entire area to expedite Kg Baru’s transformation into another urban centre.

Federal Territories (FT) Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the government plans to make fresh offers under a new proposal that would be “more participatory” as the previous survey found that only half of the total landowners agreed to sell their land at RM1,000 per sq ft.

The plan is akin to the Barisan Nasional’s proposal of the Kg Baru Detailed Development Master Plan in 2015 (PITPKB 2015), in which the blueprint emphasises that the transformation of the area would be done via clusters or “retail” agreements between the landowners and the developer.

In 2018, former FT Minister Khalid Abdul Samad argued that the idea was not viable, stating Kg Baru lands must be developed as a whole instead of plot amalgamation as it involves thousands of plot owners, including massive overlapping claims for the land parcels.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government then suggested that a sum of about RM6 billion to RM10 billion would be needed to take over the whole 89ha parcel — assuming the land value is priced around RM800 per sq ft.

Annuar, who succeeded Khalid after Perikatan Nasional came into power in March, said there was no such allocation made by the PH administration for that purpose.

He said as only 61% of the total owners agreed to let go of their lands at the offer price, it would be impossible for Putrajaya to buy out the whole parcel.

“We cannot implement the (former government’s) proposal because only 61% of landowners were willing sellers,” Annuar said after launching the GoKL bus service’s new line in Batu, Kuala Lumpur, last Friday.

“The offer requires that all agree; so, since not everyone did, we have to call it off,” he responded to a question on whether the Malay enclave could be wholly developed by 2040, in line with the new blueprint PITPKB 2040 announced by project prime mover Kampong Bharu Development Corp on Aug 21.

Annuar said under the revised offer, residents will have the first right to refuse or develop their land. He said the ministry is arranging another meeting with owners and heirs of Kg Baru land plots to present a new approach to the development of the area in the near future.

Annuar said the new concept is internal and does not involve external parties in the land purchase of the area. He said the development will also be divided into specific grids and smaller plots, and would be carried out in phases.

“We have identified seven plots that can be developed immediately, among them is the field near Jalan Syed Mahadi and the area next to the new mosque. These areas are ready to be developed.”