Witness admits negligence in handling Ahmad Zahid’s cheques


A FORMER executive secretary to Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (picture) admitted to the High Court here today of her negligence in handling Yayasan Akalbudi’s cheques when making payments for credit cards belonging to the former deputy prime minister.

Major Mazlina Mazlan @ Ramly, 42, who is the main prosecution witness, said it was her mistake in having made payments which exceeded the amount required for the credit cards using the foundation’s cheques.

He said this when cross-examined by Ahmad Zahid’s lawyer, Datuk Ahmad Zaidi Zainal, on the 40th day trial of the UMNO president who is facing charges for corruption, abuse of power and money laundering, laundering,  involving millions of ringgit from Yayasan Akalbudi’s funds.

Ahmad Zaidi: Referring to a credit card statement, dated Dec 28, 2013,  with current balance (amount due) of  RM65,153.32, but Puan Mazlina paid more, which was RM71,283.17 in two  cheques for RM63,701.52 and RM7 , 581.65, respectively.

Mazlina: Yes.

The woman, who is the 90th prosecution witness, agreed with Ahmad Zaidi that it was her mistake.

Ahmad Zaidi: In the witness statement, Puan Mazlina did say that Datuk Seri Zahid is a meticulous person, if he (Ahmad Zahid) is meticulous, he would not allow the excess payment.

Mazlina: Disagree.

Ahmad Zaidi: Puan Mazlina never showed the credit card statements and cheques for the payment Datuk Seri Zahid.

Mazlina: Yes.

Questioned by Ahmad Zaidi, how did she made payment by cheque, dated Jan 7, 2014,with the correct amount, when the credit card statement only came out on Jan  28, 2014, Mazlina said, “I mistyped the date (January) on the check, it should be February.”

Ahmad Zaidi: This also shows your carelessness?

Mazlina: Yes.

To another question, whether the stamp with Ahmad Zahid’s signature was used to stamp certificates and  invitation cards, Mazlina said “Yes”.

She told the court that she was not aware that Yayasan Akalbudi Foundation had never made any ‘special resolution’ or given a stamp specimen to Affin Bank for use on behalf of the foundation.

However, she disagreed with the lawyer who said that Ahmad Zahid allowed the stamp to be used only once.

Last Tuesday, Mazlina told the court that Ahmad Zahid gave her the permission to use the stamp with his signature on Yayasan Akalbudi’s cheques for payments of his credit cards in 2014.

Ahmad Zahid, 67, is facing 47 charges, with 12 of them involving criminal breach of trust, eight for corruption and 27 for money laundering involving tens of millions of ringgit in funds belonging to Yayasan Akalbudi.

The prosecution is led by deputy public prosecutor Datuk Raja Rozela Raja Toran, while the defence team is led by lawyer Hisyam Teh Poh Teik.

The hearing is before judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah.