Suria KLCC Group honours its own frontliners


THE Suria KLCC Group recently embarked on a special programme to honour its very own frontliners, particularly those that have been working tirelessly since the implementation of the Movement Control Order on March 18, 2020.

Throughout the final week of August, the company feted its staff including the sanitisation, security, concierge, housekeeping and maintenance crew who are attached with various malls under its management throughout the country.

Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd Andrew Brien said despite most companies and organisations focusing on the typical every day frontliners such as the police force and medical personnel, the group had wanted to look at other team members who were not any less important.

“We tip our hats to our dedicated workforce for monitoring the situation within the mall and providing the safest possible environment for everyone,” he said at a luncheon that was organised for 60 Suria KLCC staff recently.

According to Brien, these staff is indeed the unsung heroes who have served customers and shoppers from the first day the Covid-19 virus was detected in the country.

He said though it was an unprecedented situation, the staff worked round the clock to ensure standard operating procedures (SOPs) were being monitored and followed closely.

Security staff Mohamad Norhafizi Nasruddin said it was a challenging notion at first as the disease was new and he needed to think on how to ensure the safety, security and compliance within the mall according to government regulations.

“In the end, as more clarity emerged and with the aid of technology like thermal scanners and the dedication of management and other teams, we managed to put in place a workable workflow that ensured a high degree of safety while not affecting shoppers’ experience,” he said.

Another staff member from maintenance said the team’s job was to ensure all the railings, lifts, escalator rails and floors are mopped and sanitised throughout the day while another from concierge said her main job was to help shoppers understand the mall is safe and answer any questions they may have.

Meanwhile, frontliners over at the Mesra Mall, Kuala Terengganu, were honoured on Aug 25 and Aug 26 while staff at the Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya on Aug 27, 2020.

Brien said altogether there are about 200 staff who were celebrated and thanked for going above and beyond during such difficult times.