Instilling happiness in national celebration through ‘UEM Sunrise Cares’

Property developer going the extra mile to bring smiles to communities via various initiatives


WHILE the world is coping to live through the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysians are learning to celebrate historic and festive events with a new set of norms.

This month, Malaysians are expressing their nationalism in moderation and meaningful fashion after the government announced that the annual Aug 31 parade will not be held.

Malaysia has chosen “Malaysia Prihatin” as the country’s Hari Merdeka theme this year, carrying a profound meaning, signalling the cooperation between its people across all sectors, industries and the general public who have been working together in fighting the coronavirus.

Among the active participants who are striving to instil positivity amid the challenging times is UEM Sunrise Berhad, which is going the extra mile to bring smiles to communities through its Merdeka campaign, “UEM Sunrise Cares”.

“It is our own unique way in adding happiness to the Merdeka celebration,” said MD/CEO Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajib.

With aims to inspire togetherness and caring acts, UEM Sunrise is organising several meaningful initiatives for Malaysians for the country’s celebration of the Independence Day and Malaysia Day amid the pandemic.

The campaign draws inspiration from Malaysia’s official theme this year, “Malaysia Prihatin”, which highlights the government’s aspirations that call for togetherness among Malaysians in fighting the coronavirus.

In line with the property developer’s purpose to create excitements and bringing joyful experiences through — Caring, Honest, Involved, Enthusiastic and Fun-loving (C.H.I.E.F) values — UEM Sunrise has launched several initiatives for its internal communities, the outside community at large, as well as its customers.

As part of its corporate social responsibility commitment in contributing to society through education, community engagement and environmental conservation, UEM Sunrise is contributing reusable face masks to 16 of its adopted schools under the PINTAR Foundation’s School Adoption Programme.

“As a responsible and caring citizen, UEM Sunrise strives to embed sustainability practices throughout its business as the company’s sustainability philosophy is driven by the promise to create economic value and operate as a responsible brand, while upholding our commitment to corporate citizenship,”Anwar said.

For the initiatives, UEM Sunrise has joined forces with social enterprise, Projek57, to procure fair trade reusable face masks.

“This provides an avenue for UEM Sunrise to instil happiness at the school level.

“The adopted schools are encouraged to organise their own National Month activities to get students’ involvements and getting their #CaringIsMyHappy Face Mask,” Anwar said.

Designed with UEM Sunrise’s “Smiley” symbol and Projek57’s signature Tunku Abdul Rahman emblem, an iconic symbol of patriotism, the three-ply reusable face mask is an ethically sourced and a fair trade product by Earth Heir.

UEM Sunrise said it is constantly on the lookout for different ways to support fellow Malaysians, especially during the pandemic amid the concerns and life adjustments in the new normal.

“It is important for everyone to be compassionate and continue to care for one another,” Anwar said, adding that profits from the mask will be donated to empower Projek57’s programmes with the Orang Asli, youth and the underprivileged.

UEM Sunrise are also giving out face masks to customers at its selected sales galleries on August 31, while stocks last.

In honouring Malaysia’s independence, UEM Sunrise has collaborated with local illustrator, Ikhsan Ise or widely known as “Artortoise” by social media users, for a special Merdeka-themed illustration to commemorate the momentous celebration.

The special collaboration is a continuation from a series of illustrations developed by UEM Sunrise and Ikhsan during Malaysia’s quarantine period with hope to spread positivity while maintaining meaningful connections with others.

“Artortoise utilises his platform to share positive messages and reminders through light comics inspired by current affairs and social issues.

“Often bringing in caring, honest and fun-loving flairs to his creative pieces, Artortoise has once again lent his expertise to capture the unity and the spirit of togetherness in the ‘UEM Sunrise Cares’ campaign,” Anwar said.

Together they have created a special “UEM Sunrise Cares” illustration and an exclusive WhatsApp Messenger’s Merdeka sticker pack by UEM Sunrise.

Projek57 (right) procures reusable face masks for adopted schools while Ikhsan Ise creates the ‘UEM Sunrise Cares’ illustration and Merdeka sticker pack for WhatsApp

In addition to the social media engagement, UEM Sunrise is also organising a competition to unleash creativity in the spirit of the Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebrations through drawings or paintings for a month between Aug 15 and Sept 15, where participants are divided into two categories — children and adults.

Trésorians are holders of UEM Sunrise’s privilege card, Trésor, which is designed to reward customers who have purchased its properties.

Presented by Trésor and UEM Sunrise Fun Zone, the contest is exclusively open to all Trésorians and residents of UEM Sunrise Developed and/or Managed Properties.

Trésorians who registered in the hUb prop will get to enjoy a RM6.30 discount for their preferred services in the hUb home mobile app.

Users get to redeem the RM6.30 discount voucher in the hUb home when they download the mobile app using their hUb prop credentials.

In bringing further excitement to the national celebration, UEM Sunrise has also launched the “The Happy Chase” campaign on July 25 in conjunction with the government’s Home Ownership Campaign (HOC 2020).

The developer said the campaign provides stress-free rebates, attractive rewards and easy entry for house buyers.

“As the nation recovers from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign aims to address concerns that house buyers are facing by going above and beyond the entitlements under the HOC 2020.

“As an extension of the UEM Sunrise tagline “Find Your Happy”, “The Happy Chase” campaign takes aspiring new homeowners and upgraders on a journey to find their dream home and happiness through simple and stress-free steps with a little fun,” Anwar said.

Malaysians can test their patriotism and Merdeka knowledge by tuning in to the special Merdeka Trivia Segment on The Happy Chase Gameshow Facebook live. Happening on Aug 29 at 4pm, participants are up to win more awesome prizes by answering simple questions.

For more information on UEM Sunrise The Happy Chase, visit