IPCC Bill 2020 tabled for first reading


THE Independent Police Conduct Commission (IPCC) Bill 2020 was tabled for its first reading in the Dewan Rakyat today.

The bill, tabled by Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Mohamed Said, is aimed at having a provision for the establishment of an independent Commission.

It is also to enhance the integrity of the police force, reduce misconduct among police officers and boost public confidence towards the police force.

The bill also seeks to empower the Home Minister to appoint a secretary, who will be the chief executive officer.

In addition, the bill also proposes that the Commission be allowed to accept complaints or to manage complaints referred to it with regard to misconduct and have a provision for the establishment of a Complaints Committee.

It is also aimed at making it the responsibility of the police force to refer to the Commission regarding any incident involving sexual offences or any other incidents resulting in serious injuries or deaths to any person who, at that time, was in police custody or care.

The Commission can also order the task force to conduct further investigations if it is not satisfied with the findings or recommendations made by the Complaints Committee and to inform the complainant of the action being taken with regard to his or her complaint.

The bill will also contain a provision for the offence of threatening, insulting or injuring anyone who testifies before the Commission.

Ismail announced that the second reading of the bill would be tabled at this session.