Pilgrims perform Tawaf of arrival in Makkah on first day of Haj 2020


Pilgrims in white Ihram garments on Wednesday performed the Tawaf Al-Qudum (Tawaf of Arrival) on the first day of Haj this year in the holy city of Makkah, according to the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Media’s website on Haj.

This is the initial Tawaf carried out upon entering Makkah’s Grand Mosque (Al Masjid al-Haram).

The pilgrims embarked on the first day of their Haj journey after finishing four days of isolation in Makka and, prior to that, a week long quarantine at home – part of the strict preventative health measures to guard against COVID-19.

The pilgrimage this year is limited to citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia, who met preset conditions and have been subjected to quarantine procedures.

Individuals from 160 nationalities residing in the Kingdom have been selected to perform the Haj.

Residents in Saudi Arabia make up 70% of the total number of pilgrims, while Saudi citizens make up the remaining 30%.

The number of pilgrims for this year’s Haj has been dramatically reduced from last year’s 2.6 million to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.

At the outset of Haj, pilgrims headed first to Miqat Al Sail Al Kabir (Wadi Muharram) to enter the state of Ihram and profess intent after completing the compulsory isolation period.

Prior to heading to Mina to embark on their Haj journey, pilgrims enter the state of Ihram, where they prepare themselves spiritually and don special white garments.

Pilgrims in Ihram garments then perform the Tawaf Al-Qudum (Tawaf of Arrival), the initial Tawaf carried out upon entering Makkah’s Grand Mosque (Al Masjid al-Haram). They the set out to the tent city in Mina for an overnight stay on the Day of Tarwiyah (Day of Quenching Thirst).

On the Day of Tarwiyah, the pilgrim performs ablution and washing, places the intention in the heart to make the pilgrimage, and recite the Talbiyah – a Muslim prayer invoked by the pilgrims as a conviction that they intend to perform the Haj only for the glory of Allah.