Frozen Artisans aims to expand business this year

An area the brand is exploring is to branch out into a Cold Storage supermarket, says its operations manager


LOCAL ice-cream shop chain Frozen Artisans Sdn Bhd, is looking to expand into more supermarkets.

Established in 2018, the brand currently has three outlets namely in Bangsar Telawi in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya (PJ) and one in SS2, PJ.

Its operations manager Louis Looi said one of the areas the brand is exploring is to branch out into a Cold Storage supermarket located within Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL.

“We want to have our own type of cafe inside Cold Storage, manned by our own staff with seating capacity. We will be looking at the option this year,” he said to The Malaysian Reserve at the brand’s second-year anniversary celebration in KL recently.

According to Looi, the brand does not believe in pre-packaged cartons of ice cream as the quality is often compromised.

“Our ice creams are churned on a daily basis to maintain freshness at all times so you are tasting the same consistency always.

Ice cream is actually a very sensitive food product, if you leave it in the freezer for a long period of time you lose the taste and texture of the ice cream easily,” he said.

He added that even a slight temperature drop or an issue with logistics can change the taste of ice cream and add a layer of crystalised ice on it.

The store currently serves 18 different flavours, while some of its best sellers include Musang King, Kaya Toast and Dragonfruit Lychee Rose sorbet.

Looi said the brand also launched the world’s first Petai flavoured and Yakult flavoured ice cream.

“We do a lot of testing and tasting, in terms of flavour combination to get it right. Our Weiss Dark Chocolate ice cream is also very popular, because the cocoa content is 63% it has a tinge of bitterness to it.

“But, we are definitely looking at launching more flavours that will cater to local taste buds in the future, the portions of cream, sugar and milk have to be just right without compromising the quality,” he added.

In terms of investment, Looi said the machinery needed to make ice cream requires a hefty sum.

“I will say a considerable amount of investment went into all three stores. We use a good quality churner,” he said.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the brand’s second anniversary, the boutique ice-creamy will celebrate with an eat-all-you-can ice cream buffet.

Looi said the buffet which will cost RM35, includes ice cream, premium sandwiches from sister company Loaf, as well as Belgian waffles.

“This is the second time we will be having this buffet and it will be available over three dates — July 30, Aug 6 and Aug 13, 2020. Each buffet will run for 11⁄2 hours. The first session will start at 7pm till 8.30pm and the next one is at 8.45pm till 10.15pm.”

“From last year’s experience, we are very ambitious this time and expect good feedback. That’s why this year we are increasing our capacity to allow more customers to try out this buffet,” Looi said.

Tickets for the buffet can be purchased via the brands’ official Facebook page or from any one of its three stores.

Looi also said tasting of the flavours will follow the “dim sum” style, where staff will roll out the different ice creams, sandwiches and waffles on a trolley so customers will get to taste everything and make their choices.