Bursa Malaysia, Nasdaq take action to prevent trading system disruption recurrence


BURSA Malaysia Securities Bhd and its partner, Nasdaq are taking appropriate action to prevent disruption to the trading system from recurring in the future.

“We apologise to all our valued clients and stakeholders for the interruption in trading,” its chief executive officer, Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift (picture) said in a statement.

The local stock market resumed today at 9.00 am as normal after trading was halted at 3.30 pm the previous day, but the derivatives market was unaffected and continued to trade as normal.

According to the Exchange, disruption was caused by a technical issue which resulted in the trading halt on the Exchange’s securities trading system.

Bursa Malaysia, which remains focused on ensuring minimal disruption to trading, stressed that the trading halt was not due to any cybersecurity-related issues and its systems remain secure and protected.

It said immediate action was taken to diagnose the problem and communicate to all market participants while determining the cause and impact.