Health Ministry urged theme park operators to adhere to social-distancing guidelines


THE Ministry of Health (MoH) urged theme and water parks operators to strictly prioritise the aspect of social distancing, as well as to increase the frequency of cleaning the pool water.

Health DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the ministry’s current concern is the influx of visitors to theme parks and the negligence of cleanliness by the operators.

He added that in order to avoid congestion, 54 water theme parks nationwide have been ordered not to operate under the normal operating hours.

Dr Noor Hisham’s advice came following the government’s decision in allowing the operation of theme parks, including water parks, beginning tomorrow.

“We advise everyone, including theme park operators to take necessary precautions, as well as maintain hygiene. What is important for us is the practice of social distancing.

“MoH’s only concern now is that there will be an influx or congestion when we open the theme parks,” he said in his Covid-19 daily press briefing yesterday.

Dr Noor Hisham also advised water theme park operators to clean the pool water more often and use chlorine to ensure the water is free from germs and bacteria.

As of yesterday, three new Covid-19 positive cases were recorded in the country involving two locally transmitted cases and one imported case.

Dr Noor Hisham said the imported case, a Malaysian, with recent travel history to Fiji and New Zealand. For the two locally transmitted cases, one was detected during a pre-procedure screening on a leukemia patient in Selangor and the other in a workplace screening in Sabah.

Among the active cases yesterday, four were placed in the intensive care unit with one of them required respiratory aid.

The increase in new cases brought the country’s overall total to 8,637 and only 182 active cases nationwide.

Similarly, 16 patients recovered yesterday, increasing the recovered cases to 96.5% or 8,334 recoveries as of yesterday.

No new deaths were recorded for the 15th day in a row and the country’s death tally stood at 121.

Health Ministry also revealed that 1,472 individuals who were confirmed as Person Under Surveillance (PUS), did not undergo the Covid-19 test on their 13th day of quarantine.

He added that a total of 5,909 of PUSs were allowed to return from the quarantine centre since June 10 and were placed under the Home Surveillance Order (HSO).

He said, however, the ministry found only 4,437 individuals underwent the Covid-19 test at the health clinics, as well as private clinics on their day 13.

“Individuals that are under this order are required to follow the steps set out in the Covid-19 management guidelines.

“The government takes the HSO compliance seriously and it is an offense under Section 22 of the Prevention and Control of Infectous Diseases Act 1998 for individuals who fail to comply with the order and conditions stipulated,” he said.

Dr Noor Hisham also said if convicted, the person can be fined under the section or imprisoned, or both.