AIM disburses RM7.4m in loans to Nabawan members this year

by BERNAMA/ graphic by MZUKRI

AMANAH Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM), the country’s largest microcredit organIsation, has disbursed RM7.4 million in loans to 1,912 borrowers (members) in Nabawan this year, said AIM Sabah West Coast general manager Norashifah Salleh.

“Our commitment is to ensure our members (in this district) can compete in any situation,” she told Bernama.

Norashifah said since AIM opened its Nabawan branch, one of 13 in Sabah’s western region, in 2014, it has disbursed loans worth RM43,243,000 to its members in the district, with a repayment rate of 94.67 per cent

“This shows AIM’s Nabawan members have been very active. They have such a high commitment to raising their socioeconomic status and to repaying their loans,” she said.

Norashifah said AIM’s role is to give its members entrepreneurship skill training and guidance, adding throught the concept of ‘love the poor, understand the poor and trust the poor’, it is working hard to improve the standard of living of its members.