Events at mosques, surau in Sarawak allowed from July 1, but with condition


HOLDING of events, including “kenduri” (feast) for engagement and/or marriage ceremonies, as well as tahlil and doa selamat, in mosques and surau in Sarawak will be allowed from July , but with conditions, said the Sarawak Islamic Religious Council (MIS).

Its secretary, Khalidi Ibrahim, said the permission is given on the condition that the event is attended by not more than 250 people and those present should observe the one metre social distancing and other prescribed health safety guidelines.

“Marriage solemnisation ceremony can be conducted at the Division Islamic Religious Office  with maximum attendees of 13 people, including the bride and groom to be, witness and the wali (guardian), while for the ceremony at the mosque and surau, the number of attendees allowed by the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department  is  20 people,” he said in a statement.

He said for the Friday prayer, five congregational prayers and Aidiladha prayer, the number of attendees allowed is up to one-third of the capacity at the mosque or surau concerned.

For religious and Quran reading classes (including Yaasin and tahlil) in between prayer times, such as Maghrib and Isyak, the one-hour Subuh lecture and Quran reading, as well as zikir, can begin an hour before the the azan (call for prayer), with those present required to observe social distancing,” he added.