Whizzl helps businesses adapt to new normal

The platform will help event organisers hold activities fully online due to the high demand of people observing social-distancing measures


HOMEGROWN platform developer Whizzl Sdn Bhd plans to add more new features to its Virtual Event profile on the social feedback app by 2021.

Whizzl co-founder and CEO Ken Wong (picture) said the platform will help event organisers hold activities fully online due to the high demand of people observing social-distancing measures to avoid Covid-19 infections.

“With more people adapting to new technologies, it shows that now everyone can accept digital platforms like Google Talk, Microsoft Team and Zoom.

“This new business environment is an ideal incubator for technological innovations to build digital bridges to connect businesses in this new normal,” he told The Malaysian Reserve.

Founded in 2018, Whizzl is a location-based social feedback platform that is built on a community basis. It ensures that all feedback is directed to the relevant person so it can be managed effectively.

Participants of a specific community can post any feedback on the platform, prompting the relevant authority or stakeholder to respond.

“We believe Whizzl can be a new tool for the government to improve communications between government and citizens by improving and managing the public’s feedback.

“We aim to be a global unicorn platform like Facebook Inc, WeChat, LINE and Kakao,” he said.

Recently, Whizzl introduced a free business visitor management system (BVMS) solution aimed at businesses with a large number of customers to help them comply with the newly imposed standard operating procedures on contact-tracing.

Whizzl is already offering this solution in Australia via a partnership with Bayswater and Beyond Chamber of Commerce.

Wong said Whizzl’s BVMS solution enables business owners to create their own community and generate a QR code for customers to scan.

“By scanning the code via the Whizzl app, customers will have their personal particulars saved automatically. All data will be saved in the back-end system and can be exported anytime.

“This allows business owners to act instantly on any urgent contact-tracing needs,” he added.

Premises are required to record their visitors’ personal details, as well as their date and time of visit which started since May 4.

The app is suitable to be used in all businesses including property, non-government organisations, universities and government agencies.

Meanwhile, Whizzl chief strategy officer Albertt Leong said paid subscribers of Whizzl Premium will enjoy additional analytics incorporated in its services for greater engagement experience with their customers/community.

“From a marketing perspective, it will be a tremendous advantage for business owners to set up their own respective community and encourage people to join.

“The premium app facilitates a wide variety of analytics that will be beneficial for business owners in their marketing activities,” he added.

Whizzl has been engaged in research and development, and developing meaningful digital solutions to face the Industry Revolution 4.0 since 2018.

The social feedback app emerged Top 4 outshining 139 competitors in the Crypto Valley Summit for Real Estate 2019 Competition held in Switzerland. Whizzl was the only representative from South-East Asia.

Whizzl was selected to be represented in ReCoTech Finland, the biggest PropTech event in Northern Europe as part of Slush, the world’s leading tech start-up event.

In Malaysia, Whizzl was recognised as one of the 100 successful start-ups by Maxis Market Access Day 2019.

In early 2020, Whizzl was voted by Microsoft Corp as a Premium Qualified Start-up for its social feedback app, which is a versatile application that can be used for all community-based business environments.