Domino’s introduces ‘Pandu Ambil’

The service allows customers to drive to the nearest store to pick up their pizzas without leaving their vehicles


WHEN the stomach is empty, one tends to get angry, and with the current restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, patience is definitely a virtue, especially when many have to rely on food delivery services as a safer option instead of eating out.

Imagine pizza night with the family when the delivery guy takes a little too long to arrive.

Realising the need, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia recently introduced a new takeaway service called “Pandu Ambil” where customers can just simply drive to the nearest store to pick up their pizzas.

The service was launched on June 9, making Domino’s “the first food and beverage chain” to introduce it nationwide.

As Easy As a Bite

Customers opting for the Pandu Ambil service would need to order online first through Domino’s website at or mobile application.

Once the order is placed, customers would then need to submit their vehicle details online for store members to identify upon their arrival.

The system also eliminates the need for parking as customers can drive to a designated area at the store entrance to receive their pizzas.

There’s no need to step out of your car as a store member would bring your order out to your car.

Digital and Contactless

According to CEO Shamsul Amree, the launch of the Pandu Ambil service is in line with their brand’s promise of “It’s All About You”.

“Domino’s strongly believes in a continuous digital transformation journey as we leverage technology for greater efficiency and superior service standards,” he said.

To ensure a smooth rollout for its Pandu Ambil service, a variety of back-end programming, upgrades and linkages were undertaken.

Shamsul said this survival truly demonstrates a perfect balance of tech prowess, while upholding their quality of service.

“Pandu Ambil strictly adheres to a safe practice of contactless service, enabling a healthy boundary for our customers to stay safe throughout their ordering experience,” he added.

The takeaway service encourages 100% contactless and cashless payment services to promote hygienic practices and social distancing with the premises.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can use other payment methods that are available through other cashless options, for instance, GrabPay and other online banking options.

Both the “Potong-Q” takeaway and Pandu Ambil services are the culmination of Domino’s various contactless services in recent months.

“By embracing technology, we strongly encourage customers to utilise cashless payments to eliminate long queues and experience a safe, fast and easy way of receiving their orders,” said Shamsul.

“Just a click of a Pandu Ambil button, the service offers a refreshing change and a brand new lifestyle adaptation as customers receive their food in the comfort of their own vehicle, ensuring a 100% contactless experience.”

Rest assured, Domino’s continues to give importance in adhering to strict safety protocols, especially when handling dutiful operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to ensure all of their employees and customers maintain safe spaces.

Shift in Lifestyle

Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore group CMO Linda Hassan said the recent months have been a life-changing experience for everyone and there is an accelerated need to provide new and innovative services to reflect current and future needs.

“The introduction of Pandu Ambil is a milestone for us as we set the precedence for such a service to be made available all over the country.

“The service is designed to benefit all range of consumers as we adjust ourselves to the Recovery Movement Control Order phase together.

“Customers who live a fast-paced lifestyle will not need to come out from their vehicle to receive their orders and time-strapped parents can enjoy this ultimate convenience,” she said.

Linda said greater time management could be achieved if the focus is shifted on takeaway services.

“For our loyal customers, Pandu Ambil will be one of the few lifestyle adaptations that we will continue to pursue as we are looking at long-term implementation of these services,” Linda added.

The Pandu Ambil service is available at Domino’s stores all over Malaysia with the exception of Dang Wangi, The Weld, Dato Keramat and Sri Hartamas outlets.

Customers who decide to use the Pandu Ambil option will be entitled to the “Buy 1 Free 2” Pandu Ambil deal in which customers will enjoy one free regular-sized pizza, one choice of bread as sides and an additional 1.5-litre bottle of Tropicana Twister worth RM13.50. Now, that’s a saving of up to RM54.90.