DNeX, MARii to develop SMAT for used vehicles


DAGANG NeXchange Bhd’s (DNeX) wholly-owned subsidiary, Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd, has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with the Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) to jointly develop and operate a web-based information system for used vehicles.

In a statement, DNeX said the Used Automotive Information System (Sistem Maklumat Automotif Terpakai — SMAT) would enable users to search, retrieve and authenticate used vehicle data such as make of vehicle and model, country of origin, chassis number, engine and fuel type as well as the date of original registration, simply by keying in a specific identity reference number.

“The system is expected to reduce information irregularities and improve trust between buyers and sellers of used vehicles.

“The partnership also includes commercial aspects of the project, including engagement with used vehicle dealers or openly approved permit holders in Malaysia, as well as marketing and provision of a help desk or support for customers,” it said.

DNeX said the initiative would augur well with the company’s pursuit of opportunities to help narrow the digitalisation gap across businesses in all sectors and organisations, as well as introduce more services based on digital technology for end-users.