SOPs for fitting rooms to be announced soon

Govt has directed KPDNHEP to formulate a National Sales Campaign to increase the sales in the retail sector


THE Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) is in the middle of coming up with standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the usage of fitting rooms in malls and fashion outlets.

Its Minister Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi (picture) said once the government approves the SOPs, necessary announcements will be made.

“Efforts are being made to study the SOPs in relation to the (usage of) fitting rooms.

“I believe an announcement regarding the matter will be made after the government has approved it,” he said after launching AEON Retail Malaysia’s online platform in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Alexander also said KPDNHEP is looking into other industries which are still not operational, so that they can resume business by following the prepared SOPs.

“This is to help them survive in this challenging environment. As part of the process of normalising the economy again, KPDNHEP has also allowed retail businesses to resume their respective operating hours for the retail sector.

“This, however, is not applicable to the areas which are still categorised as red zones.

“In this regard, I look forward to the cooperation of all parties to allow the retail sector to recover,” he said.

Additionally, Alexander said the government has directed KPDNHEP to formulate a National Sales Campaign to increase the sales in the retail sector.

“This is currently being refined by the ministry officials and I believe that an announcement and launch of the initiative will take place soon enough,” he added.

He also lauded AEON’s move to introduce a virtual mall with its associated brands which would give customers the convenience of purchasing from the comfort and safety of their homes.

“This initiative by the AEON Group also opens a new chapter in the context of retailing in Malaysia.

“In fact, I dare say it may be the first in Malaysia, in the context of shopping malls, where there is a ‘seamless interaction’ between various platforms, be them physical or digital. At the same time, it also benefits traders and tenants at each AEON mall,” he added.

AEON Retail CEO Shafie Shamsuddin said there are five key objectives for the group’s digital journey this year.

“This is to create a virtual mall with AEON brand as the anchor tenant with local and international brands. Secondly, to connect the suppliers, and small and medium enterprises that are not physically present to the customer.

“It is also to support the suppliers, tenants and other business partners who are not equipped with the right digital capacity and capability to be part of AEON ecosystem (AEON Cloud),” he said in his keynote address at the launch yesterday.

Shafie added that AEON will provide the opportunities for its suppliers and tenants to convert their inventory into cash to overcome the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said going online would also prepare the group’s workforce and future generation to work in a new digital economy and to be agile for any type of disruption.

When asked how going online would push the company’s growth, Shafie said it is too soon to compare and put a figure.

“More importantly, we are doing this to help the retail sector weather this tough economy,” he said.