MoH: 96% of tabligh cluster recovered

The Sri Petaling cluster and subclusters contribute 48% to the total number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia


ALMOST the entire Covid-19 positive patients from the Sri Petaling tabligh cluster have fully recovered with 3,246 discharged on Wednesday.

In an update on its official Twitter @KKMPutrajaya, there are only 95 patients or 2.81% of the total 41,922 samples taken from the cluster who are still receiving treatment.

“There had been 34 deaths and this cluster is still active. There are several subclusters of these clusters and most of them have been declared terminated.

There were 1,037 index cases identified that involved five generations.

These index cases then spread to their families, which are the first generation with 1,143 positive cases.

Meanwhile, the second generation recorded 921 positive cases, third generation (236), fourth generation (26) and fifth generation (12).

The Ministry of Health’s (MoH) health workers received good cooperation from the tabligh participants and close contacts. As a result, the infection was controllable.

The tabligh cluster, which has attracted public attention in early March, had been urged to take full responsibility in giving their cooperation.

Attendees of a four-day tabligh gathering between Feb 27 and March 1 at Sri Petaling Mosque, Kuala Lumpur, have been advised to get tested if they show symptoms for Covid-19.

Since then, all mass gatherings in the country were postponed and MoH advised those experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection to distance themselves from crowded places by at least one metre away from other individuals.

On March 11, MoH has confirmed that a 60-year-old Malaysian man or referred to as Case-131 participated in the “ijtimak tabligh” gathering has been tested positive for Covid-19.

The ministry also revealed that a 53-year-old Brunei citizen, who was present at the gathering, was tested positive for the virus upon returning home.

Malaysia was nine days too late in acting on the Sri Petaling Mosque tabligh congregation as MoH had only known about it on March 9 when a Brunei participant tested positive for the virus.

Based on Markaz Dakwah and Tabligh Malaysia data, only around 12,500 people including 1,600 from overseas attended the ijtimak, which means there were only 11,000 local participants.

Its committee member Abdullah Cheong denied reports saying that some 16,000 attended the convention held at Sri Petaling Mosque.

Malaysia tightened its Movement Control Order in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 with the armed forces deployed, after the total number of virus-linked deaths in the country climbed to 10 on March 23.

Recently, health DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the Sri Petaling cluster and subclusters contribute 48% to the total number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia.

“This was confirmed after further investigations were conducted by the state and district health departments and offices, as well as the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre,” he told a daily press briefing at the ministry on May 19.