Covid-19 — catalyst for digital transformation

Red Hat anticipates a need for IT to evolve to meet rapidly expanding demand for always-on digital services and ever-present connectivity


RED Hat Inc is seeing a pick-up in businesses adopting digital technologies as more companies are allowing their employees to work from home as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt.

The open-source solutions provider anticipated a need for IT to evolve to meet rapidly expanding demand for always-on digital services and ever-present connectivity.

Red Hat Malaysia country manager Eric Quah said organisations of all sizes and industries need to optimise, scale, or simply protect IT operations in the face of shifting global dynamics.

He said nearly every industry including healthcare, logistics, retail, financial services, government and education is adapting to meet demand for faster, more widespread access to essential applications and services, while maintaining operational stability.

“In the telecommunications industry, for example, traffic has spiked by more than 50% in some global regions.

“This surge has led telecommunications and service providers (telcos) to expand capacity and speed up 5G deployments and edge computing, in turn, driving examinations of network and cloud infrastructure readiness,” he said in a virtual press briefing titled, “Transforming Malaysia’s Business Sector during Covid-19 with Digital Strategy”.

New initiatives announced by Red Hat during the briefing include Technical Account Management services for new customers billed at a 50% discount.

The second initiative is extended product life cycles across portions of the Red Hat portfolio —namely Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat Runtimes.

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator Linux learning path is available for free to job-seekers in collaboration with

Red Hat also offers free online training courses on in-demand skills and technologies, available to all. It has delivered more than 500,000 free online training courses this month.

“The pandemic has heightened the understanding and awareness of the need to implement some technological applications, tools, practices and architecture.

“With open source technologies like Linux and Kubernetes, organisations have access to innovation that can help them build what is next and keep them at the forefront of their industries,” said Red Hat Asia Pacific South-East Asian markets GM Benjamin Henshall.

Meanwhile, Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd Lifestyle Banking head Choong Lee Chen said the bank, in partnership with Red Hat, has created an open architecture container platform using agile methodology, which simplifies banking services, increased security and standardised processes.

The creation had won the bank an honourable mention at the “2020 Red Hat Innovation Awards” at the Red Hat Summit in April.

“The platform allowed the bank to put all branch products and services on a tablet for the staff to use with customers.

“The Branch-in-Tablet project reduces account opening time by 70% and increases the availability of staff to customers by 75%,” she said.

The project delivery takes two to six months instead of six to 18 months using the previous method and the bank has improved the customer experience, while also reducing operating costs.