Birthday wishes pouring in from Malaysians for PM Muhyiddin


Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is celebrating his 73rd birthday today is definitely loved by many.

Besides his fatherly figure, Muhyiddin is especially popular for the concern he showed for the people when imposing the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was even nicknamed as ‘Abah’ (father) by netizens.

The MCO, practically a lockdown, was imposed on March 18 but was loosened to Conditional MCO (CMCO) on May 4 after the health authorities succeeded in flattening the curve of COVID-19 transmission in the country. The CMCO is due to end on June 9.

As early as midnight, they had started posting their birthday wishes to the leader, who in short the masses identify as TSMY. Muhyiddin was born on May 15, 1947.

Facebook user Amer Othman said: “Happy birthday abah TSMY. Be strong in leading Malaysia. You are our hope. Please be strong. We love you. May good health and wealth be with you.”

Another user, Divyaa Shree said: “Happy birthday, PM! Today I woke up to news that you presented Sugu Pavithra with a tripod, it’s so touching. A caring PM you are. Thank you. May God bless you with good health.”

Sugu Pavithra are a Malaysian cooking couple who have become YouTube sensations following their humble cooking videos recorded in fluent Malay. 

In a recent interview with Bernama, housewife S.Pavithra, 28, revealed that she did not have a tripod to mount her phone while recording videos, but instead uses a cup which she puts onto a stable surface.

Another birthday wish came from Christine Foo who prayed that the prime minister be blessed with long life and strength to lead the government and Malaysia.

Another Facebook user, Buvanraj Rajasingam, said: “Happy birthday TSMY, may you live long and healthy. Keep on fighting for the prosperity of the country.”

Although Muhyiddin had uploaded an address in conjunction with the National Youth Day in his Instagram account today, many users took the opportunity to leave their birthday wishes to the prime minister in the comments section.