Airports well prepared as domestic flights resume

by TMR/ pic credit: MAHB

MALAYSIA Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has stepped up its standard operating procedures by implementing additional precautionary measures to ensure passengers’ safety as domestic air travel resumes.

Among the new measures put in place are all visitors must wear face masks when entering the terminal building and the airport operator will also facilitate with the Health Ministry in carrying out the rapid tests at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

With the re-opening of some domestic flight routes, increase in air travel passengers is expected in the coming weeks.

“We would like to remind passengers to adhere to the following list of safety measures that have been enforced at all our airports,” MAHB said in a statement.

Entry and exit points are also limited, in which the Aviation Security team will screen passengers on the usage of face mask as well as their body temperature.

The locations of the checkpoints at KLIA Main Terminal are Doors 2 and 3 on Level 1, Express Rail Link entry from the north entrance, Link Bridge on Level 2, Doors 2 and 5 on Level 3, Doors 2 and 3 and Doors 5 and 6 on Level 5.

At KLIA2, the checkpoints are at the main entrance and exit point of the Departure and Arrival Level.

Meanwhile, at Gateway@KLIA2 shopping mall, screenings will be done at Door 2 on Level 1, entrance from Tune Hotel Link Bridge, Door 2onbothLevel2and3.

Visitors without face masks may purchase them from the temporary pharmacy kiosks located around the airports.

Only passengers with valid flight ticket or boarding pass will be allowed to enter the terminal. For KLIA2, greeters are only allowed access up to the Gateway@KLIA2 shopping mall.

Before entering the terminal building, all departing passengers will have to go through temperature screening where those with a body temperature of more than 37.5°C will not be allowed in.

“Please maintain a one-metre social distancing gap when you are in the terminal and you can do so by observing the social distancing markers that have been placed at most common facilities areas including the travelator, escalator, lifts and seating areas.

“Please also make use of our washrooms to wash your hands as many times as possible before and after your flight. We have also placed sanitisers throughout the terminal for your convenience,” the statement reads.

Passengers are also encouraged to refer to their airline for further guidelines on safety measures when boarding their flights.

Departing passengers are advised to arrive at least three hours before their flight to avoid inconveniences in light of the implementation of the additional procedures.

MAHB also assured that the airports have been disinfected and sanitisation activities have been consistently carried out since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak.

To further assures the passengers, MAHB said there was a full disinfection exercise by the local Fire and Rescue Department for both terminals last week.

“We would like to remind passengers once again to adjust to the new normal of travelling and to strictly adhere to all the procedures,” MAHB added.

Meanwhile, in early April, the first food aid mission from Miri has landed at the Ba’kelalan short take off and landing airport (STOLport).

STOLports have been playing a very important role during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period to allow remote communities to have access to food and medical supplies.

Known as the last frontier of Sarawak, Ba’kelalan is a difficult eight-hour drive from the nearest town of Lawas, half of which is on a tough logging road on a four-wheel drive.

Since the nationwide MCO was imposed on March 18 to prevent Covid-19 infections from spreading, the communities there have relied on air transport for medical supplies and essentials like sugar, cooking oil and flour.