Govt departments operate adequate attendance on first day of CMCO


GOVERNMENT offices began operating with adequate attendance on the first day of the Conditional Movement Control Order period yesterday, said Director-General of the Public Service Department (PSD), Datuk Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman.

He said the attendance records from the ministries and departments showed that generally, attendance of civil servants at the office yesterday was between 15 to 35 per cent.

“The findings of the report obtained from the ministries and departments showed the percentage of attendance of civil servants on the first day of the CMCO was not what some parties alleged.

“The data received clearly showed that although government departments began full operations on May 4, the department heads took the approach of minimising the presence of civil servants in the office, with the option of working from home,” he said in a statement here today.

Mohd Khairul said among the reports received were from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (15 per cent attendance), the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit  (MAMPU) (24 per cent); Ministry of Housing and Local Government (29 per cent); Ministry of Transport (27 per cent).

The Economic Planning Unit (28 per cent); Ministry of Home Affairs (38 per cent); Ministry of International Trade and Industry (20 per cent); Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (28.18 per cent); Ministry of Defence (27.48 per cent); Ministry of Higher Education (35.01 per cent); Works Ministry (30 per cent) and Ministry of Federal Territories (15 per cent).

He said the percentage of attendance will change with time and need, without affecting the basic principles and objectives.

“The approach of working from home and working according to flexi-hours which are encouraged and practised now are to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All the ministries and departments have been told to ensure that the government delivery system is functioning fully. The department heads are allowed to use their discretion in managing human resource in their offices through the rotation system or those who are asked to work are monitored to ensure continued delivery of service,” he said.

Mohd Khairul said the department heads must ensure that the existing regulations are fully complied with in line with the instructions issued from time to time.

Meanwhile, the PSD hopes that all parties dealing with government offices will observe the new normal in the guidelines issued by the National Security Council, Health Ministry and related ministries and departments.

“The services which can be conducted online should be fully utilised. We must quickly adapt to the different approaches and environment in the new normal now to ensure that the COVID-19 pandemic is immediately curbed,” he said.