Northport donates containers for Covid-19 testing project

Each container will be remodelled to become a self-contained facility with 6 units of negative-pressure test booths


NORTHPORT (M) Bhd, a member of the MMC Group, stepped in to join a group of Malaysian doctors, engineers and designers who are formulating a solution for an effective and efficient mass testing of Covid-19.

Inspired by the “phone-booth-like” testing conducted in South Korea, this project is called COMBAT or Coronavirus Mobile Test facility.

Ten containers worth RM80,000 were donated by Northport for the COMBAT project.

Each container will be remodelled to become a self-contained facility with six units of negative-pressure test booths. Each booth is equipped with one set of intercom and integrated gloves to minimise contact with the patient under investigation and is properly ventilated, in compliance with the requirements and guidelines by the Health Ministry (MoH).

Meanwhile, a positive- pressure area will be placed in the middle section of the container, equipped with an air conditioner unit to ensure comfort and a conducive working environment for the medical personnel.

Northport CEO Datuk Azman Shah Mohd Yusof said COMBAT is an innovative project by a group of Malaysian professionals to help the country fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As innovation is one of Northport’s core values and we appreciate innovative ideas, Northport immediately jumped on the bandwagon to be part of this project by contributing ten units of containers for the construction of COMBAT facilities,” he added.

Using containers as the main component of COMBAT project which are remodelled into multiple Covid-19 test booths, this innovative facility is capable of conducting high number of testing with minimal number of medical personnel. It also features other advantages against the open- tent-type testing facility including providing comfort and a more secure working

environment for healthcare workers and equipment within the facility.

Northport has participated and organised various corporate social responsibility programmes since the implementation of the Movement Control Order in March.

Among the programmes were financial contribution to the Tabung Covid-19 Selangor amounting to RM10,000; distribution of face masks and hand sanitisers to the hauliers and lorry drivers in Port Klang and a RM10,000 contribution to MoH to purchase an additional thermal scanner for Port Klang which were initiatives led by Port Klang Authority; and the establishment of Northport’s “Tabung Wira Negara:

Perangi Covid-19” to give its employees an opportunity to contribute and support the frontliners at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang, and the North and South Klang district police headquarters.

“We will continue to work together with volunteers, professional bodies, non-governmental organisations and the government to fight against this deadly virus. At the same time, we will help ease the burden of the front- liners and underprivileged community to obtain essential items during this difficult situation.

“With the strong determination and dedication of all Malaysians, I have faith that we will win this battle and come out stronger,” concluded Azman Shah.