BAC partners IBM to nurture lawyers


BRICKFIELDS Asia College (BAC) Education Group has partnered with IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd to integrate the IBM Innovation Centre for Education (ICE) programme into its law curriculum.

The IBM ICE programme is a series of undergraduate programmes and academic courses for the Computing & IT and Business verticals. BAC will embed IBM ICE’s artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and blockchain syllabus into its law courses. The courses, namely AI for Law, Cybersecurity for Law and Blockchain for Law, will be taught virtually from September 2020 and include interactive live coding sessions, IBM said in a statement.

Students need to complete 80 hours to graduate with a Professional Plus Certificate.

A McKinsey study in 2016 predicted that 23% of work done by lawyers will eventually be automated. Thus, it is critical that law curriculums are updated with the times to better prepare students for technological disruptions that will impact the profession, the technology giant said.

In addition, the rise of technologies such as AI and blockchain have also created the need for new and emerging legal services.

BAC is taking the initiative to address the skilled talent void that is confronting the legal industry as technology continues to impact the field.

It believes that by integrating key elements of technology such as AI, blockchain and cybersecurity through collaboration with an industry leader like IBM, it will be able to equip law students with cutting-edge skills that will prepare them to not only bridge the gap in expertise, but also to lead in the industry.

The growing importance of blockchain in the business world will also have an impact on the future of the legal profession.

The release said a basic understanding of blockchain would help the future legal industry combine domain knowledge with technology to construct smart contracts and agreements that are relevant in the digital economy.

“The dawn of the Industry Revolution 4.0 era has made it imperative for students to be updated with the latest knowledge and direction of the industry in order to continue in their abilities to be active contributors in the digital economy,” according to IBM’s press release.