Protect yourself when stepping out during MCO


As the country is now in the third phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, people have gotten used to the roadblocks, new routes and social distancing, and finding that going out for necessities is not such a burden.

Realising this, Proton Holdings Bhd has come out with a guideline for people to keep in mind of what exactly they need to do before heading out.  

According to the national carmaker, although not compulsory, it is crucial for people to wear masks and bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser and a packet of wet wipes when they step outside.

The company stressed that the most important thing for people to do is to protect themselves when they venture out, to ensure that they do not get infected or infect others.

“If you touch lift buttons or any other object or surfaces, immediately sanitise your hands before entering your car or touching anything else,” it said in a statement.

Proton said another precaution that people can take is by simply letting someone know when they are planning to go out, just in case an emergency occurs.

“If you need to leave the house, be sure to inform where you are headed to, how you plan to get there, and how to contact you. Do not forget to bring your mobile phone and make sure it is sufficiently charged,” it added.

Proton added that it is best for people to use a familiar route while driving, as the police and armed forces have strengthened their enforcement to make sure that people are fully complying the stay-at-home order.

People are still allowed to travel more than 10km if they are travelling for health matters but for other purposes, it is advisable to keep their journey within a 10km radius.

Proton also urged people to stick to the MCO time restrictions, as most restaurants, supermarkets and food delivery services are only allowed to operate from 8am to 8pm.

The public is also prohibited from carrying passengers in their vehicles except during emergencies.

The carmaker advised people to carry their identification card and driving license at all times when going out during the MCO period.

“If your current address is not reflected in these, you can bring a recent billing statement as well,” it added.

As for shopping during MCO, Proton suggested making a list of the essential items they need, as that can help minimise the time spent and avoid multiple trips of going to the supermarket.

“Check your pantry and fridge for food that you currently have, or those that have expired, and create a list that will replenish your inventory. This will avoid overstocking.  

“Remember to bring along a recyclable bag. After grocery shopping, place the groceries into the car and sanitise your hands,” it said.

Last but not the least, Proton emphasised on the importance of maintaining good hygiene such as sanitising and disinfecting at home.

This includes disinfecting groceries, plastic bags, shopping bags, car keys and mobile phone to ensure zero chance of exposure in their homes.

“The tendency of touching your face is highly likely, especially if you wear glasses but try to fight this urge. Upon returning home, dispose your mask, wash your clothes in the washing machine and wash your hands with water and soap before taking a shower.

“As we face an extended MCO period, Proton hopes that everyone practices good hygiene and most importantly, to stay at home,” it added.