A choice between the good, bad and ugly…

We must not forget the sacrifices made by all the great souls that give us hope

pic credit: facebook.com/ebitlewofficialpage

A VERY inspiring and heartwarming video is making its round on the Internet.

It shows a group of inmates from Kajang Prison sewing garments that are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) to be distributed to frontliners — the medical teams who are taking care of Covid-19 patients at various hospitals in the country.

Apparently, most of these prison inmates volunteered to be part of the team that is tasked to complete 400 PPEs a day.

“This is all my friends and I can do for the nation. We may be in here, but at least, let us help others who are out there,” said one of the inmates who volunteered to be part of the project.

Earlier, Malaysian designers including Datuk Radzuan Radziwill, Calvin Thoo, Salikin Sidek, Datuk Rizalman Ibrahim, creative duo Rizman Ruzaini, as well as many other big names, were lauded for their efforts in making sure that the country has sufficient protective gear.

They are not the only heroes. There are countless projects initiated by great souls who have tirelessly tried their best to feed the hungry and the poor, while tending to the needs of the more unfortunate groups.

One of them is Ebit Lew (picture; right), who might have lost quite a bit of weight as he continues to do what he does best — helping other Malaysians to cope with the current crisis.

There are many other unsung heroes who will certainly be remembered in years to come for their great deeds.

Each day, we would also be updated by Health DG Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, currently one of the most revered personalities in the country for his efficiency and transparency in keeping us abreast with the latest development on Covid-19.

In fact, he is now quite a celebrity. Even his family photos have been shared thousands of times by his admirers.

On the flipside, there are a number of people who would go down in history for the wrong reasons.

Among them would be the couple who shared their “tips” on how to escape roadblocks as they venture into the city. And who can forget the infamous rider who proudly showed off cartons of smuggled cigarettes in his delivery bag during the Movement Control Order. His act led to nationwide checks of all deliveries. It is best not to brag when you break the law.

Then, there’s the “smart” woman who told the world that she had asked her dad to get a letter from a prominent person, so that she can drive to Kuantan because she was bored.

Tongues are still wagging over pictures of politicians at several events not observing social distancing. One of the most amusing photos shows a bunch of men holding an ornate pink birthday cake that was presented to a VIP at his house. How sweet, yet inappropriate.

While we monitor all the events that unfold in our backyard, a glance at the world outside our borders offers a fair share of amusing (if not distressing) revelations.

For instance, who would have thought a country as rich and powerful as the US would be struggling to find a balance between saving lives and restoring the economy?

Who would have imagined the UK, along with the US and various other advanced countries are facing a tough challenge to keep the death rates low. Images of the mass burial in New York City surely are a grim reminder for us to continue our fight for survival.

As the number of deaths worldwide increases while the rate in our country tapers, we must not forget the sacrifices that have been made by all the great souls who continue to give us hope and inspire us to be better people.

Politics? Who cares? At the moment, the priority is to survive and stay alive…

Zainal Alam Kadir is the executive editor at The Malaysian Reserve.