232 Egyptians still stranded in Malaysia


A TOTAL of 232 Egyptians – made up of 114 tourists, 22 seeking medical treatment, and 96 students – are still stranded in Malaysia due to the travel suspension imposed by the two countries as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Egypt’s ambassador to Malaysia Gamal Abdelrehim Metwally (picture) said arrangements are being made with the government of Egypt to get a flight that will take them home as well as getting a centre ready for  their 14-day quarantine.

“Some of those who are stranded are being placed at hotels while some are staying at their homes,” he told Bernama, today.

In another development, the the ambassador said the mission has contacted the Egyptian citizens in the country since the imposition of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to advise them to obey the orders given by the authorities.

He also said the Malaysian government has always been understanding and cooperative in aiding the stranded Egyptians due to good ties between the two countries.