Singapore records 334 new cases, makes wearing mask mandatory


SINGAPORE • Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday reported an additional 334 new cases of Covid-19 infection in the republic, bringing the tally to 3,252.

MoH’s Medical Services director Assoc Prof Kenneth Mak said of the new cases, no imported cases were reported, 189 are linked to named clusters, 23 linked to other local cases, while 122 are unlinked so far.

“The 122 cases do not imply an unknown source of spread. The number will go down progressively and we will link them to the existing clusters either the foreign employee dormitories or otherwise,” said Mak at a Multi-Ministry Taskforce Covid-19 virtual technical briefing and press conference.

Mak noted that 98 of them are long-term visitor pass holders and a large majority of them are unlikely linked to the dorms, while 24 of them are Singapore citizens or permanent residents (PRs).

“As for those who are linked to the named clusters, so far, they are only two who are Singapore citizens and PRs. The rest are long-term visitor pass holders. They are already being associated with the named clusters and majority come from the dorms.”

Singapore also made it mandatory for all persons in the republic to wear a face mask when leaving their homes.

This was announced by co-chairman of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce Covid-19 Lawrence Wong at a virtual technical briefing and press conference.

“It takes effect immediately,” said Wong, who is also the republic’s minister of national development.

With the new step, Wong stressed that the general public is still advised to stay home and avoid going out during the one- month circuit breaker measures imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Wong said the wearing of masks is an important precaution, especially with infected persons who might not show any symptoms.

Singapore completed the distribution of reusable masks on Sunday. According to the taskforce, first-time offenders face a compound fine of S$300 (RM918), while repeat offenders will face higher fines or prosecution in court for egregious cases.