Suicide victim in Pulau Gaya tests positive for COVID-19

by BERNAMA/ graphic by MZUKRI

THE body of an unidentified man who was found hanging from a tree in Kampung Pondo, Pulau Gaya, here on April 6, was found positive for COVID-19.

In this regard, Kota Kinabalu police chief ACP Habibi Majinji said the 12 policemen who were on duty in handling the body had been ordered to undergo health screening.

“All of them were directed to also undergo quarantine in their respective homes. The results of their screening tests are expected to be out today. We hope all the personnel involved are free of CIVID-19 virus,” he told reporters here today.

Habibi said all the policemen on duty in the incident had put on protective equipment such as face masks and gloves.

Meanwhile, he said the body of suicide victim, believed to be a foreigner had yet to be claimed and the case was classified as sudden death.

In the incident at about 8.15 am on April 6, a man with no identification documents was found hanging from a tree in Kampung Pondo, Pulau Gaya.

The body was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for post-mortem before being confirmed positive for COVID-19 on Saturday.