Kelantan supermarket installs COVID-19 disinfectant tunnel


AGROBAZAAR Rakyat Kok Lanas near Ketereh has installed a  disinfectant tunnel, the first by a supermarket in Kelantan, to help check the spread of COVID-19.

Its manager, Ahmad Deraman, said the supermarket had collaborated with the Sukarelawan Kok Lanas NGO to make the tunnel to enable customers to shop with confidence in a clean environment.

“Before installing the tunnel, we disinfected the supermarket in compliance with the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the Ministry of Health. We have advised customers to wear face masks and practise social distancing in the supermarket,” he told reporters here today.

Meanwhile, Sukarelawan Kok Lanas project leader Wan Zuhari Wan Ismail said recyclable materials such as PVC pipes, motor pumps, water sprinklers and a waterproof net, all of which cost just RM500, were used to set up the tunnel in what he dubbed as the “Spa Sanitiser” project.

“The tunnel is operated manually and customers are required to be in it for at least seven seconds to get sprayed with the antiseptic liquid, he said.

A customer, Irphan Abdul Aziz, 41, said he felt a lot safer to shop at the supermarket after it had installed the sanitisation tunnel.