Of all the excuses…


PERHAPS it’s cabin fever. More and more Malaysians are making headlines for the wrong reasons throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) which is entering its third week.

So far, a man in Spiderman suit was made famous when he was stopped at a police roadblock, while another man was found hiding his wife in the car boot.

Another told the police that he had to get to the office to water the plants and a lady told the officers that she was on the way to a friend’s house to share some recipes!

MCO has had Malaysians scrambling to come up with excuses that are oftentimes hilarious to the police during roadblocks.

Buying cat food was one of the most amusing excuses encountered by police personnel from the Sungai Buloh District police headquarters to date.

Other common excuses are going to the bank, going to the store and picking up their spouse from work.

“Most of them are obviously lying, but there are many who are telling the truth. In some cases, we only advise them but we have made several arrests here,” he told The Malaysian Reserve recently.

“We have six roadblocks in the Sungai Buloh area. Normally at the roadblock, we will ask them where they are heading and other related questions.

“Those who have their authoritative letter to report to work, we will let them go to their destination. We will arrest those who do not have the papers and keep giving dubious excuses,” he said.

The police will let people who want to buy groceries pass, but it depends on where they want to buy the groceries as well, he added.

As Sungai Buloh has its markets, residents do not have to go as far as Kota Damansara to buy sundries.

“Because the MCO clearly states that we have to limit our movement, the public should not go out if there are no necessary things to do.

“There are certain people who think that because they are driving alone, they can go anywhere they please. For example, some residents from Sungai Buloh told us they want to go to Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur,” he said.

The police will allow people to go to those places granted if it is related to work or official business as authorised by the government, and if it is related to their health where they have to go for a check-up at the hospital or seek treatment.

He also said the public has largely adhered to the MCO as a lot of people have started to limit their activity to move beyond a 10km radius from their residences for the second phase.

“So far during the first phase (of the MCO), a lot of people were still moving around because they did not understand the orders, now I think people are well aware of it,” he added.

Footage of the police conducting roadblocks had been making rounds on social media and more stories of Malaysians giving inadequate excuses are emerging.

In a video on Facebook, during a night roadblock, a motorcyclist told the police that he needed to buy alcohol to which the police officer replied he can drink at another time.

The man replied back, saying he had to buy the drink or he would have trouble falling asleep at night.

Some reports have recorded excuses including “my husband doesn’t know what groceries to buy” and “the restaurants at this place have tastier food”.

The police have been urging the public to abide by the law and stay safe indoors as it makes a huge difference to flatten the country’s Covid-19 curve.