TNB urges consumers to use electricity wisely during MCO


DESPITE the government’s announcement of discounts on electrical bills for domestic users in the recent economic stimulus package, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) reminded its consumers to use electricity wisely to avoid wastage and to optimise the discounts.

TNB forecasted that household electricity usage is bound to increase during the Movement Control Order (MCO) as appliances are being used longer than usual.

The rate of increased usage will only be known after the MCO period as TNB has suspended the meters reading and replaced it with estimated bills in accordance with MCO instructions.

The discounts in stages for domestic users for six months, which began yesterday, were announced by the prime minister as part of the economic stimulus package to lighten the people’s burden during the MCO period that came into effect on March 18 and extended until April 14.

A 50% discount will be given for electricity usage of up to 200kW a month, 25% for usage of between 201kW and 300kW, and 15% for usage of between 301kW and 600kW. Usages above 600kW will be given a 2% discount.

Therefore, TNB advised consumers to be prudent if they wish to get the best discount rates.

To ensure optimum electrical usage, TNB reminded users to ensure that all doors and windows are shut when using air conditioning.

It also suggested the usage of fans to help cool a room’s temperature, so that the air conditioning can be set at a higher temperature to save energy.

Air conditioning filters should also be cleaned to maximise the cooling process as dirty filters could block air circulation.

TNB also advised against using hot water to wash clothes unless necessary and to use the washing machine at a full load.

“Take advantage of the hot weather to dry your clothes naturally under the sun instead of using the dryer.

“Unplug electrical devices when not in use and do not leave appliances like the fans running in an empty room,” TNB said in a statement yesterday.

It also suggested cutting shower time if water heater is used.

For more information on better usage of electricity, visit

For transactions, consumers are advised to use TNB’s online portal or the myTNB app. In case of power disruptions, call the TNB CareLine at 15454 or contact TNB on its Facebook page.


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