Netflix programmes to keep you occupied

If you’re still scratching your head, trying to figure out what you can do for entertainment during this MCO period, fret not


THE number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is increasing drastically. The Movemont Control Order (MCO), which was initially supposed to end on March 31, has been extended for another two weeks and is expected to be over by April 14.

So what do we do until then? If you’re still scratching your head, trying to figure out what you can do for entertainment during this period, fret not.

The world’s leading entertainment service Netflix has enough to keep us locked in and sane with its new upcoming shows for this month, as well as some classics we can revisit and enjoy.

Here are some new shows that are guaranteed to tickle our fancy:

‘Lost Girls’

‘Lost Girls’ takes viewers through one mother’s fight for the truth and the dark side of law enforcement (Source: Netflix)

For those who enjoy true crime, “Lost Girls” is not to be missed. It stars Amy Ryan, Gabriel Bryne and Thomasin McKenzie.

A mystery film that is a dramatised account of an unresolved true crime story that took place in New York’s Long Island, it takes viewers through one mother’s fight for the truth and the dark side of law enforcement.

The film centres around Mari Gilbert, whose daughter Shannan, an escort, disappears after meeting a client.

This then leads to her search for Shannan, only to discover more dead women.

With the police ignoring the cases, Mari takes it upon herself to search for her daughter alongside the families of the other women.

The film has garnered good reviews and been called riveting, despite not having a tidy ending as it focuses more on how a person can survive a devastating tragedy.


The long-anticipated second season of the South Korean supernatural television series finally dropped on March 13, 2020.

The first original series from the nation revolves around a member of the royal family in the middle of a political takeover who finds himself hiding out in towns overrun by zombies.

With a star cast, brilliant cinematography and designs, it’s easy to see why it had become a fan favourite.

Adding popular actress Jun Ji-hyun, fans

have called the series a breath of fresh air in the zombie-outbreak scene.

‘Archibald’s Next Big Thing’

‘Archibald’s Next Big Thing’ teaches children lessons on sustainability and how to compost (Source: Netflix)

Based on the book by two-time Emmy Award winner Hale and Tony Biaggne, this one is definitely for the kids.

The series tells of a carefree chicken named Archibald who finds himself on different adventures every day, but always manages to find his way back home.

Not only teaching children lessons on sustainability and how to compost, the series also features many other animated animals, along with wise, sidekick characteristics and personalities.

One good thing about the show is the directors, who do not try to cast star-studded voice-overs, as they focus more on voice-personality rather than recognisability.

Appropriate for ages seven and above while being funny enough for adults, the series will start this week.

‘Spenser Confidential’

Classified as forceful and exciting, the movie that dropped on March 6, 2020, tells of Spenser, a former Boston police officer framed and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit against his captain, John Boylan.

Released after five years, Spenser aims to

start afresh, but not before he is drawn into a web of murder, drugs and police corruption, while attempting to win back his fiery ex.

Action-packed and humour-driven, the movie has proven to be extremely successful for Netflix and has even had questions over a sequel.

Inspiring Movies

While Covid-19 has been dominating the news arena and a certain dampener on everyone’s mood, some movies based on true stories can uplift and inspire you and give you the ability to stay motivated during these trying times.


Produced and directed by Angelina Jolie, “Unbroken” is about Louis Zamperini, a US Olympic track record holder who, after surviving a plane crash and 47 days in a raft on sea, is then captured by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner war camp.

The story is an extraordinary tale of resilience and is a sweeping testament of the relentless human spirit, and is definitely not to be missed.

‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’

The 2019 British drama film, directed and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, tells the story of a teenage boy who protects his village from famine in an unconventional way by building a wind generator.

Based on a true story, the movie is full of powerful themes that are rarely portrayed in the cinema and teaches uncountable lessons that match the relevance and beauty of the true tale.

Fans have been quick to comment on the talents, cinematography and score that make for an excellent watching experience.

Studio Ghibli Animation

Next up is iconic animation films, in which for the first time ever Netflix will stream 21 new titles from Studio Ghibli, the Academy Award-winning Japanese art house behind “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbor Totoro”.

With 14 already out, some of the ones slated to be released this whole month include “Princess Mononoke”, “The Cat Returns”, “Arrietty” and “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”.