COVID-19: Malaysians in United States told to remain calm, adhere to travel restrictions


Malaysian citizens in the United States have been told to remain calm and strictly adhere to the travel restrictions and advisories issued to contain the spread of COVID-19, says the Malaysian Embassy in the US.

At this juncture, it said it encourages Malaysian citizens to consider returning to Malaysia while it is still possible.

“Of particular concern are those without sufficient means or support system to remain in the United States for an indefinite period, for instance, students without viable accommodation due to decisions by their respective universities to evacuate their dormitories. Or Malaysian citizens without comprehensive medical insurance coverage in the United States,” said the embassy in a statement issued via its official Twitter account, @MYembassyWDC.

For sponsored Malaysian students in the United States, it said they should consult with their respective sponsors to determine the best course of action.

It also said they should contact their airline or travel agent to discuss their travel plans in view of the fluid situation relating to any changes, cancellations or medical emergencies.

“All travellers are strongly advised to obtain travel and medical insurance for their travel back to Malaysia,” it said.

The embassy also cautioned that returning to Malaysia is not without risks, as “it is not guaranteed that flights are free of the COVID-19 virus and that transit points will remain open during their journey.”

“For Malaysian citizens who wish to remain in the United States, please refrain from non-essential movement, avoid large crowds, take all essential precautions, and adhere to the recommendations or restrictions set by the relevant local authorities. 

 “Given the current situation, be prepared to stay in the country for an extended period of time, and at your own expense,” it added.