Celcom Business is helping businesses grow and rise to new heights


The business landscape has changed so drastically in the last two decades. Product moves at lightning speed. Markets have expanded from country-centric to global audience, tearing down territorial jurisdictions due to the advent of the Internet. 

Consumers are demanding for the best products and services. 

While competition has risen, the audience of a company’s products and services have spiked multifold. Value from business transactions in the e-commerce sphere is peaking at new highs.

Global retail e-commerce sales this year alone are expected to hit US$3.53 trillion, while the figures are expected to almost double to US$6.54 trillion by 2022.

Tech-driven innovations are helping businesses, including the traditional brick-and-mortar entities, expand beyond their traditional geographical reach.

Orders, processing and fulfilment are innovation-driven. Big data analysis gives insights into trends, demands and preferences.

The widespread use of mobile devices has fuelled the Internet explosion, impacting all walks of society.

Businesses are relying heavily on innovations to be efficient, productive, cost-effective and most importantly, to be a reliable and dependable supplier of products and services.

Unlike in the past where companies had to invest heavily in systems, information technology and personnel, the Internet – supplemented by the advancement in telecommunication technologies – has changed how businesses operate.

For businesses, telecommunication companies (telcos) have become a critical backbone of their total business ecosystem. Telcos are no longer just wired or wireless connectivity providers. 

Besides reliability, businesses are looking for speed, agility and cost effectiveness as they today operate on a 24-hour basis.

Celcom Axiata Berhad (Celcom), one of the largest telcos in the country, is already at the forefront in supporting the growth of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

From just being a leading mobile wireless provider, Celcom, with over three decades of innovations, has curated a solution rich with tools and innovations to fuel businesses to the next level.

Celcom Business Suite™ Retail aims to streamline and optimise business operations and daily communications into a single seamless and cohesive proposition at a lower cost.  

Designed in a modular manner, the suite can be catered to the needs of a single business owner or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with flexible options.

As companies look to minimise cost and optimise productivity, the Celcom Business Suite™ Retail plan offers various deals ranging from unlimited calls and SMS to all networks to 150GB Celcom Business Wireless with RM15 monthly rebate and free Celcom SafePay mPOS.



The Celcom Business Wireless helps with real life problems for business owners as it involves hassle-free installation without the need for any wall drilling – simply plug and play. A free high-speed modem is provided, eliminating extra charges and it offers up to 1,000GB of Music and Video Walla, and can be connected to up to 64 devices.



To help businesses manage their telecommunication and data expenditure, the plan provides up to 1,700GB of data and up to 50 lines among its staff in its Celcom Business Allshare™ Platinum feature for RM4,500. Meanwhile, the Celcom Business Allshare™ Gold plan provides 180GB of data for up to five lines for RM490, and the Gold Plus plan with 850GB, up to 25 lines at RM2,300, offering a huge financial benefit to a company’s operating expenditure. 



With this, subscribers of the Celcom Business Allshare™ plans could expand their businesses while enjoying great savings, as business operations can be done without the worry of being charged for connecting to different networks.



Key components to the suite are free Celcom SafePay mPOS and add-on options for Microsoft Office 365 annual subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 annual subscription comes in two options: Business Essential at RM13/month or Business Premium at RM43/month. Subscribers also get free one-month license with an annual subscription.

This feature allows businesses to enjoy email with a storage of 50GB, along with 1TB file storage and sharing.

Video conferences will no longer be grainy and lagged as Microsoft Office 365 also provides HD video conferencing, perfect for entrepreneurs who want to connect with employees or clients across the globe.



With more than 53 million bank cards in circulation in the country, cashless payments have become the key driver of e-commerce and businesses today.

No business will survive without a secure, reliable and efficient card payment system. Celcom has been among the first among the telcos to provide Point of Sale (POS) solutions to businesses.

Its Celcom SafePay mPOS is a mobile POS that offers businesses an affordable yet secure way to manage electronic card payments using their smartphones and tablets.

It can be paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth and a dedicated app installed in smart phones to perform card transaction, allowing businesses to cater to a wider consumer audience.



As you are not bound to one fixed location to perform the transaction, Celcom VirtuEXT™ feature allows mobility for businesses that may not have an office to enjoy expanding their network and businesses.



In addition, Celcom VirtuEXT™ allows users to receive and manage calls through one main number with other traditional PBX functions such as extension calls, call transfer, IVR recording and call queuing, among others.

The solution will cause a significant financial saving compared to traditional in-house PBXs which have high initial investments in hardware and require additional cost for upgrades and expansions.

Business owners should also prioritise the security of their business, especially as cyber threats and attacks are on the rise worldwide. 

Prevent losing important and confidential data with Celcom Cloud Secure™ which protects businesses from cyber attacks without compromising performance or speed.



Meanwhile, Omni Communication enables subscribers to manage communication across all channels from a single web portal. It enhances the way discussions are held, especially for big businesses that may require a single platform that ties every conversation.



This helps in enhancing customer experience through channels such as SMS, email campaign and chat apps. 

Celcom Business Suite™ Retail also provides location-based advertising which allows marketing towards specific target audience. 

Campaigns and events are delivered strategically via SMS at the right timing and location.  

Now, with many options available from Celcom Business Suite™ Retail to suit different needs, businesses of all sizes are ready to take on the fast-evolving e-commerce industry and grasp bigger opportunities. 

For more details, visit celcom.com.my/business