RM130m allocation for states to combat COVID-19: PM Muhyiddin


The federal government has allocated RM130 million for distribution to all the states to assist the state governments handle the COVID-19 crisis, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced today.

The prime minister said the allocation can be used to provide aid to hawkers and petty traders and COVID-19 patients and their families as well as procure necessities for state-level healthcare and other workers involved in combating the disease.

“An equal allocation will be given to each state, regardless of which political party makes up the state government. This crisis we are facing now has an impact on all the people, irrespective of race, religion and political affiliation,” he told a press conference broadcast live over television networks and the social media.

Muhyiddin said all quarters, regardless of political affiliation, must remain united and work together to handle the crisis facing the nation.

“Taking care of the people’s safety, health and lives is a joint responsibility that transcends political boundaries,” he said.

Earlier, Muhyiddin chaired the second weekly meeting of the Economic Action Council which, among others, was given a detailed briefing on the economic situation in the country, given the drastic drop in world oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic that have had a severe impact on the country’s economic growth and financial position.