Covid-19 frontliners urge citizens to take MCO strictly by staying home

By staying at home and practising social distancing, you have the potential to save a thousand lives from being sacrificed, says Fahmi


MEDICAL practitioners and frontliners are spreading the word to urge Malaysians to observe strictly the Movement Control Order (MCO) to reduce Covid-19 cross transmission.

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr N Ganabaskaran (picture) cautioned that government hospitals will soon be overwhelmed if Malaysians continue to ignore the order which will result in the Covid-19 cases to increase.

“Malaysia has about 135 government hospitals, nine special medical institutes, 926 units of ventilators in intensive care unit facilities, 152 non-invasive ventilators, 142 transport ventilators and 210 private hospitals,” he said in a statement.

Echoing Dr Ganabaskaran’s call, Universiti Putra Malaysia Master of Public Health Dr Khairul Hafidz took it to social media and posted a masked photo of him holding up a sign stating “I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us!”

He also tweeted on his Twitter account @khairul_hafidz calling all influencers to trend the hashtags on his campaign to advise people to stay at home.

“For all influencers, let’s all participate in the #StayAtHome campaign. There are those who will be influenced and many will listen to your words, use your influence for the food,” he said.

Another frontliner @Wanainn also tweeted advising Malaysians to not go to any mass gatherings.

“If you have symptoms, please isolate yourself and don’t forget to wear a mask, use your sanitiser and wash your hands often and avoid touching surfaces.

“Similarly, don’t travel for the time being,” she said on her Twitter account on March 13.

Adding to her thread, she also urged that those who may have had close contact with friends, family and office mates that recently travelled and are unwell to get seek treatment immediately.

“Please avoid touching any individuals displaying symptoms, and if you use the public transport to commute, please wear a mask and use a sanitiser after touching anything in the train,” she said.

She added that as soon as one arrives home, please take a shower immediately.

Other frontliners are also sharing their stories on Facebook, such as Faiqah Natasha, stating that she is trying to find something to smile about in “this frustratingly dire pandemic”.

“We have to wear this personal protective equipment suit when in contact with a Covid-19 patient. You have to wear this suit every time you enter the isolation room, and as soon as you leave, you take it off and dispose of it and go straight to the shower.

“As of today I have taken five showers, I have a five-month old baby that I’m still breastfeeding at home so I’m super paranoid and that is why I take a shower each time before my four hourly express breast milk session,” she said.

Local artist Fahmi Reza, known for his political pieces, also created a graphical piece to encourage others to stay at home.

“You have the power to protect others from being infected with the Covid-19 outbreak and end the spread. By staying at home and practising social distancing, you have the potential to save a thousand lives from being sacrificed.

“Stay home, save lives,” he said as a flavour text to complement the art.

To educate others on the distance to maintain, he showed in his infographic that a meter is as far as four shoes put together, three vinyl CDs, one guitar or one bicycle.

He also put up an infographic on why people living in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor should not return to their hometown, stating that anyone living in the two states have the highest risk of infection.

“Even if you’re not sick or do not display any symptoms, it does not mean you are free from infection.

“If you wish to spread the Covid-19 outbreak to your grandparents or your own parents, please go back home then,” he tweeted.