AmLife advocates ‘Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet’ on World Sleep Day 2020


AMLIFE International Sdn Bhd returned with its World Sleep Day tribute for the fifth year in a row.

Co-hosted by the World Sleep Society, with the tagline “Life, Redefined”, AmLife is spearheading the movement to enable Malaysians achieve better health through better sleep, thus redefining their lives.

AmLife founder and president Lew Mun Yee said sleep education is not only close to the company’s heart and business philosophy, but is increasingly important as sleep disorders are escalating in the region.

“Together with World Sleep Society, AmLife is hosting a sleep showcase which includes sleep workshops and demonstrations in three key countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan this year,” said Lew.

According to a survey by the World Health Organisation, 27% people from 14 countries have sleep problems, while the World Sleep Association said there is a growing trend in sleep disorders, with an increasing number of affected populations in the country.

About 35% Malaysians have some sort of sleeping disorders, where more than 53% of Malaysia’s workforce gets less than the minimal seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period with at least 51% suffering from work-related stress.

Meanwhile, nine out of 10 Malaysians have some level of insomnia, and have one or more kinds of sleeping problems.

Among the deadly threats due to lack of sleep include four times higher chance of stroke, 73% higher chance of obesity and 47% higher chance of getting cancer.

Lack of sleep can easily lead to myocardial infarction. Study found that people who sleep less than five hours a day have 1.45 times higher risk of developing coronary artery heart disease.

At the event, clinical psychologist in Sydney Sleep Centre, Rosemary Clancy, who is also a registered psychologist with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, shared how a sleeping pill habit evolves and its long-term effects.

Nutritionist and food researcher Kerwin Chen shared his insights on achieving quality sleep through proper dietary nutrition and homecooked recipes.

Having established a foothold in the sleep industry, AmLife revealed plans to enhance itself as a total sleep expert.

The company shared its business strategies and plans in the total sleep market, and rolled out holistic state-of-the-art sleep technologies starting with its AmPower Platinum series comprising the Ampower Platinum Heat Sleep Mask, AmPower Platinum Beautifly Pillow and AmPower Platinum Blanket — a unique platinum anti-ageing technology from Japan.

This platinum range helps delay cell ageing and rejuvenate the skin, helping users derive a younger and healthier body from sleep.

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