The end of a political crisis?

Let’s work together to rebuild our nation and return it to its former glory, says PM


MALAYSIA’S eighth Prime Minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (picture), in his maiden national address, appealed to be given the chance to lead the nation after a week of political impasse.

He also promised Cabinet members of calibre with integrity and a clean track record in his first address to the nation.

“Let’s work together to rebuild our nation and return it to its former glory,” he said.

In saying so, the PM has extended an olive branch to Malaysians.

For Pakatan Harapan (PH) voters, they are still in daze-like after popping a couple of Xanax over the “Sheraton Move” and the collapse of the 22-month government. Worries are largely over the return of Umno and some questionable individuals in the government.

Muafakat Nasional supporters felt vindicated. They had warned that the “unholy alliance” in PH would not bring the stability Malaysia needed. Events last week proved just that.

PH, in their eyes, should blame themselves for the fiasco. Had they been united and not detached from the groundswell feeling of the people and maybe less internal bickering, the event could have been averted.

Electorates watched from the sidelines the political drama that unfolded before their eyes. Very few would have expected the PH government to crumble before the end of its first term.

The euphoria of the May 9 historic win seems today like a breeze on a fairly dull morning. Some are still feeling dejected and reeling over the democratic process.

Of course, one could argue that everything is being dealt with constitutionally.

The question of the moral legitimacy of the new government hits a new high.

The eighth PM acknowledged this in his address.

Muhyiddin said he realises that his appointment was not by way of an election, but through getting the majority support of the MPs. The newly minted PM, however, feels this is something that needed to be done for the nation’s sake.

“My conscience is clear that my being here is to save the nation from a prolonged crisis,” Muhyiddin said in his speech, entitled “An Appeal to Malaysians” on Monday, 36 hours after he was sworn in as the nation’s PM.

All he wants is a chance from Malaysians as he sets to steer the country to greater heights.

Eyes are now on the Cabinet composition and the next Dewan Rakyat sitting.

PH had urged for the lower house to convene soonest. The constitution allows for a delay.

Although life goes on, the rakyat will continue to watch the next development. Good or bad, Malaysia remains for many our beloved and only country.

Azreen Hani is the online news editor of The Malaysian Reserve.


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