Tealive, Safi kick off health, beauty partnership


LIFESTYLE tea brand Tealive, owned by Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, has partnered local beauty brand Safi in the “BeauTealive” campaign to promote the newly released “Beautea” range.

The range of facial cleaners made with 100% premium tea is inspired by the tea-drinking culture, which has plenty of health benefits. In this range, the cleansers are developed for different skin types.

Loob founder and CEO Bryan Loo said the power of tea brought together two leading homegrown brands to collaborate and showcase the benefits of tea beyond that of a beverage.

“There are many types of tea that are known for their health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties when consumed, but they also go beyond drinking as when applied externally, it can have a positive effect on our skin,” he said at the launch of the BeauTealive campaign in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He said tea drinking is an age-old practice and modern research has revealed its wide-ranging health benefits, including lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels for cardiovascular health, protecting the brain and reducing the risk of diabetes.

“Black tea is slightly bitter, has the highest caffeine content among all teas, and is found to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes and arthritis.

“Research also reveals that it helps to protect teeth against plaque formation, lower stress and boost energy levels without causing palpitations,” he said.

Moving forward, Loo said any further expansion of the Beautea range to moisturisers or other facial products will depend on the response that the cleansers receive.

“We will then observe from there, and research and develop more products from the partnership,” he said.

The collaboration campaign promotions began on March 1 and will be taking place until April 30 nationwide whereby a buyer with any purchase of one Tealive drink will receive a RM3 discount voucher for one Beautea cleanser.

The offer also works vice versa, where with any purchase of a cleanser from the collaboration range, one will receive a voucher of RM3 off for one Tealive drink.

He added that from the partnership, the company plans to move forward into the halal lifestyle market.

“We start off homegrown and as always, international expansion is a goal, and right now, we are focusing on our South-East Asian partners and localising our products so that they appeal to them better,” he said.

Safi brand owner, Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd product manager Kazlina Kassim said tea-based skincare is growing in popularity as consumers are looking for natural products.

The Beautea cleanser range makes the company’s first venture into the premium price range of above RM22 for each cleanser.


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