Techbond collaborates with MPOB to produce polyols


TECHBOND Group Bhd’s unit, Techbond Greentech Sdn Bhd (TGSB), has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) for the technical expertise and technology know-how transfer from MPOB to produce polyols from palm oil.

Both parties would also leverage on each other’s technical expertise and know-how to develop a formulation to be used in the creation and production of palm oil-based industrial adhesives.

The project comprises two phases — workable formulation stage (Phase 1) and commercialisation stage (Phase 2).

For Phase 1, MPOB will conduct research and development (R&D) to create a workable formulation using its patented technology to produce polyols.

Under Phase 2, TGSB shall then produce polyols using Malaysian palm oil or its derivatives based on the formulation, as well as create a new type of industrial adhesives and ultimately commercialise the product.

Techbond MD Lee Seng Thye said the project is a major milestone and the group is excited with its potential.

“We look forward to working hand in hand with MPOB to be a pioneer in the palm oil-based industrial adhesives using local sustainably-sourced palm oil. We will also be sharing our resources, such as R&D capabilities, facilities and technical expertise in order to create this first-of-its-kind industrial adhesives,” said Lee in a statement.

“Techbond places huge emphasis on R&D and therefore, we are delighted with this out-of-the-box innovative idea. One would ordinarily not have thought that it is possible to turn palm oil, which is hydrophobic or water repellent, into adhesives. But we are confident this idea is very much possible and doable,” he added.

Techbond, he said, believes it will create industrial adhesives that are non-toxic with little to none formaldehyde emission levels, based on preliminary in-house assessment.

“Upon successful commercialisation of the product, we can showcase to the world yet another beneficial use of palm oil, which bodes well with our country’s initiatives to promote the Malaysian palm oil industry globally,” he added.

“The environmentally-sustainable palm oil-based industrial adhesives would open up new opportunities for us to serve higher-end client markets across various industries, and thus enhancing our market presence,” he added.