Common love for the country, above politics

This political upheaval will open up the eyes and minds of the people at large that politics that are driven by lust of power and influence will only lead to path of destruction


NEVER has the country’s political spectrum been tested and undergone such unprecedented fiasco as in the past weekend, which has plunged the entire nation into constant search for clarity, answers and openings as to the rapid deterioration of the political scene in the country, which has for decades prided itself for its political stability and adherence to basic principles of rule of law and democratic foundation of the government that is by and for the people.

The values, principles and foundation that built the nation and pillared and forged by the collective will and sacrifices of the people have been put to serious test and jeopardy by the actions and intentions of a selective group of people with foes turned friends in a place where there is no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests where the end always justifies the means.

For whatever the factors or tipping points in settling political disputes and differences that have been so meticulously calculated and foreseen, there is no justification to drag the rakyat into the debacle and to completely dishonour and disregard the mandate of the people that have put their trust and affirmed their choices in selecting the then Pakatan Harapan coalition in 2018 by forming a new backdoor government.

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail leaving the Istana Negara after an audience with the King yesterday. Anwar says PH has nominated him for PM – pic by ARIF KARTONO

Surely, this undemocratic action will put the entire country down a dangerous and risky path of political instability that will create an endless chain of negative repercussions that will affect all levels of society and the fabric of the nation’s democratic ideals and foundation and further hampering the country’s economy and global image and standing, which has already taken a hit this past decade and with the country still battling a formidable front of Covid-19 and global economic uncertainties.

To choose the time now where the people have already been deeply affected by the effects of Covid-19 on the economy at all levels and where the excellent and hugely commendable response system and set-up to Covid-19 that have seen the country doing exceptionally well in containing the situation will need continuous support and coordination at all levels, the nation does not have to contend with another potent headache and worry which will put further strain on the system and unnecessarily burden the rakyat who are already under enough difficulties and challenges.

This will certainly worsen the climate of confidence in the market and the economic prospect for the remaining year and in inviting unnecessary risks that will further dampen the outlook of the country’s standing and stability.

While there is no denying that fundamentals will remain solid and the civil service will continue to ensure that the nation’s day to day operations and especially in safeguarding the people and the country’s safety and wellbeing will always be safeguarded — which need appreciation and recognition that are long overdue — this political upheaval will open up the eyes and minds of the people at large that politics that are driven by lust of power and influence will only lead to path of destruction and in tearing up the fabric of a just and democratic principle and betraying the people’s mandate and the essence of democracy that have stood by and in forming the backbone of the nation.

It is the rakyat and the people that hold the power to steer the country forward and elected representatives are beholden to the mandate, trust and backing of the people to deliver their hopes and aspirations and certainly not in the manner of blatant disregard of the people’s rights by wiping off their voices and choices. The rakyat are sick and tired of constant politicking, the chase for power and positions for as long as it can be, that have culminated in this unprecedented and totally uncalled for political upheaval where the focus and efforts should be on the country’s development and the welfare and wellbeing of the people.

The timing of this crisis is a further insult to injury and if the politicians and the parties concerned for this turmoil have not realised the gravity of the actions and the consequences to the country and the people, surely the wellbeing of the people is not really their priority.

The time has come for politics in Malaysia to be mature, highly principled, pillared on values of integrity and social responsibility and justice and set upon the unshakeable foundation of democratic practices that are driven by rightful reform and independence of institutions where the rights and voices of the people will be the central front in leading the way forward, instead of being bogged down by constant partisan bickering and disputes, political outplay and manoeuvring, and power politics to which the people are at the mercy of.

The common love and loyalty to the King, the country and the people should and must be the priority of all Malaysians irrespective of partisan belief, affiliation, gender, race, religion or creed.

The unifying bond of love and loyalty to the country first will set the tone for common respect and cultivation of the values that are rightfully needed to steer the nation ahead.

Politics of conscience, principle, justice and respect will oil the path towards a synergised landscape of politics and governance that will involve greater participation and involvement of the people and closer ties and connection between the elected and the rakyat in developing the country forward.

Political power plays and robbing of rights and erosion of democratic principles should be avoided by all political parties and institutions in ensuring a stable and mature political system and governance that will ensure the rights and welfare of all.

What is politically right cannot be morally wrong, and what is morally wrong cannot be politically right. Unity in the people, solidified, common love for the nation and the country will chart new frontiers for the people and the country in strengthening the foundation and fundamentals of the principles built for the prosperity of the country in ensuring good governance for all that is derived from the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

A concerned and patriotic pitizen

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