Muafakat Nasional wants a fresh snap election


MUAFAKAT Nasional, a coalition between Umno and PAS, is calling for the Parliament to be dissolved to make way for a fresh election to determine the formation of a new government.

Umno secretary general Tan Sri Annuar Musa (picture) said it is best to seek a fresh mandate from the electorate through a fresh election.

The coalition also announced that it has withdrawn its support for interim Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after learning of the latter’s plan to form a unity government that will cover the entire political scope.

“We take back the support given to Dr Mahathir that we said on Sunday. We will only support if an alternative coalition is formed sans DAP,” he told reporters at a media briefing in Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.

As such, Annuar said the statutory declarations (SDs) that were signed by Barisan Nasional lawmakers af f i rming thei r support for Dr Mahathir and sent to Yang di-Pertuan Agong are now void.

“Our stand and recommendation are that the mandate has to be given back to the people. The Parliament has to be dissolved to make way for fresh elections,” he added.

Apart from BN, PAS also emphasised that the party will only support Dr Mahathir, if DAP is excluded from the new administration.

“PAS would like to reiterate support towards Dr Mahathir to continue to lead the country until the 15th General Election as mandated by the people.

“But PAS is adamant that in the event of the formation of a new government, it must be made without the involvement of the DAP which is a threat to the country’s harmony and stability,” a statement from PAS read.

The party claimed that the reason to exclude DAP is due to the latter’s extreme actions throughout the PH administration which threatened harmony, political stability and even attempted racial fire and against constitutional practices.